Radomes and Bumpers

Radome testing

Ensuring the quality of radomes and bumpers

Automotive radars are usually mounted behind bumpers or radomes.

When selecting the materials, care must be taken to ensure good signal penetrability in the desired frequency band. The use of lower quality radomes can impair signals to such an extent that angular errors, distortions and strong signal attenuation occur.

The R&S®QAR offers the ideal way to quickly and reliably filter out lower quality bumpers and radomes in production. It furthermore features the possibility of producing spatially resolved mmWave images of the reflectivity and transmittivity of the radome material to detect inhomogeneities within the material.

The R&S®ZVA network analyzer is used to determine the relative permittivity of radome material.

Benefits of our solutions

  • Fewer failures of customer functions thanks to the higher, consistent quality of the radomes used
  • Spatially resolved analysis of transmission and reflection values within seconds

For more detailed information, see our flyer "Excellence in precision solutions of automotive radar".


Free white paper: Fundamentals of radome and bumper measurements using the R&S®QAR

Due to design challenges, radar sensors are usually hidden behind bumpers or emblems, which can influence how well the radar sensor can interpret the outgoing and incoming data. To test radome and bumper influence on radar sensors, this white paper examines how the R&S®QAR quality automotive radome tester can help.

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PIAE plastics in automotive engeneering

Rohde & Schwarz, Plastic Omnium and Bosch will be moderating the workshop on the topic surrounding car bumpers and their necessary radar transparency.

Join us to discuss future requirements for decorative parts with a focus on mmWave. Learn more about the possible influence of colors and coatings and their effect in the radar frequency domain.

Time: July 28-29, 2020
Place: Mannheim / Germany

QAR innovation award screen

The QAR principle explained in a minute

When selecting plastic materials for bumpers, care must be taken to ensure good signal penetrability in the desired frequency band. The use of lower quality radomes can impair signals to such an extent that angular errors, distortions and strong signal attenuation occur.

The QAR makes these impacts visible and helps producing radomes with less impact on angular accuracy. This video demonstrates the ease of radome and bumper analysis using the R&S QAR.

R&S®QAR - a brief overview

Part 1: R&S®QAR Measurement Preparation

A brief overview on measurement preparation for radome testing with the R&S®QAR.


Part 2: R&S®QAR Normalization

How to normalize the R&S®QAR - trasmission loss and reflection


Part 3: R&S®QAR Verification

How to verify your measurement results with the R&S®QAR


Part 4: R&S®QAR Actual Measurement

How to perform actual measurement with the R&S®QAR.


Part 5: R&S®QAR Interpretation of Reflection Measurement

R&S®QAR - How to interpret reflection measurement results.


Part 6: R&S®QAR Interpretation Transmission Measurement

R&S®QAR - a closer look on your captured data.


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R&S®QAR at a glance

Every customer has different system and service requirements. In order to serve the diverse needs during R&D and production processes, various service levels are available for the QAR. Learn more in our flyer "Excellence in radome and bumper measurement".

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Download our R&S®QAR app card

  • Radar-independent test without the need for a radar device
  • Spatially resolved reflectivity measurement of design radomes
  • Detailed spectral measurement of radome transmission loss
  • Fully remote controllable for highly automated measurements

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Transmission measurement

Material under test with engraved R&S logo (logo is 600 µm thicker than the rest)

Material under test with engraved R&S logo (logo is 600 µm thicker than the rest)

DUT with inhomogeneous distribution (left) and proper (homogenous) distribution (right)

DUT with inhomogeneous distribution (left) and proper (homogenous) distribution (right)

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Automotive radar technology day

Experts share their knowlegde about current challenges concerning the highly dynamic development of radar sensor technology.

Save the date: May 26, 2020
Location: Munich / Germany

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