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List of Seminars from Rohde & Schwarz

On-site deployment: For customers requiring specialized trainings we can arrange seminars that are especially adapted to your wishes.

ID Seminars
TR234-1E Antenna fundamentals and measurements
Broadcast and Media
TR212-13E Introduction to digital audio broadcasting (DAB/DAB+)
TR212-20E Introduction to DVB-T2: second-generation digital terrestrial television
TR212-9E MPEG-2 transport stream syntax and elementary stream encoding
TR109-30E EMI debugging on board level with oscilloscopes
Mobile Communication
TR108-14E LTE - Long Term Evolution
TR108-17E LTE RF-Measurements of UEs
TR108-18E LTE-Advanced - LTE-Advanced Pro
TR108-19E From 4G to 5G
TR108-21E 2G: RF measurements on 2G mobile stations
TR108-24E The Internet of Things
TR108-25E GSM, UMTS and LTE: Fundamentals and RF-Measurements on Mobile Station
TR108-26E R&S®CMW500: Functional test and RF measurements on GSM, UMTS (WCDMA) and LTE mobile station
TR108-27 E New eCall & ERA-GLONASS Tests with CMW-KA09x
TR108-28E New 5G NR physical Layer technology, hands-on with Signal Generator und Analyzer
TR108-40E New ETSI EN 300 328 & ETSI EN 301 893: testing with the R&S®TS8997
TR108-41E New FCC §15.247 & FCC §15.407: testing with the R&S®TS8997
TR208-17 E New WLAN: From 802.11a to 802.11ax
TR208-3E Bluetooth: Introduction and RF Measurements
Product Training
TR240-2E New GNSS Technology and hands-on with SMW200A
TR311-1E Digital modulation with Vector signal generators and signal analyzers: get fast and reliable results for mobile communication
TR312-3E New R&S®IQW – system training with the R&S®SMW200A and R&S®FSW
TR330-1E New Correct signal acquisition with modern oscilloscopes
Production Test Systems
TR161-21E R&S®CompactTSVP Basic Training Hardware
TR161-22E R&S®CompactTSVP Basic Training Software
TR161-23E R&S®CompactTSVP training in-circuit tests with EGTSL
RF Measurements
TR130-1E New Generation and analysis of pulsed RF signals
TR140-1E New Automotive radar – basics, technology and test equipment
Radio Monitoring
ITUTRN-B1 New Spectrum Monitoring Fundamentals Training
TR308-5E Introduction to radio monitoring
TR308-7E Interference hunting with a test receiver and a directional antenna
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