LTE-Advanced - LTE-Advanced Pro

Short designation: TR108-18E Mobile Communication


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Long Term Evolution (LTE) is specified in 3GPP release 8. The extensions of release 10 to 12 are termed LTE-Advanced.

Starting with release 13 the expression LTE-Advanced Pro is used.

This Seminar provides an overview of the most important features of LTE releases 9-13 (see section “contents”)

The participants of this seminar should be familiar with LTE release 8.


Location based services in Rel.9

Wireless Emergency Alert (WEA)

New transmission modes 8 and 9

MBMS, Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Service

Concept von Home NodeB / Femtozellen

Carrier aggregation

Enhanced MIMO

Inter Cell Interference Cancellation, ICIC, eICIC, feICIC

WLAN offloading

Coordinated Multipoint Transmission (CoMP)

Device to Device Communication (D2D)

Dual Layer Connectivity


License Assisted Access (LAA)

Target Group

  • This course is aimed at engineers and technicians from the fields of development, production, quality-testing, certification and network operation, as well as people with technical interest.
  • Duration: 1 day

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TR108-18E: LTE-Advanced - LTE-Advanced Pro: (on request)
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