Application Notes

Direct Remote Control of Switch Matrix OSP via Network and Spectrum Analyzers

This application note shows how to remote control the switching of RF and digital I/O signals by R&S®OSP Open Switch and Control Platform directly from a Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) or from a Spectrum Analyzer (SA). The R&S®ZVA, R&S®ZVB, R&S®ZNB, R&S®FSW and R&S®FSV families are covered. The application note first describes the requirements and setup procedure. It is shown how to install the software and how to set up the system in order to get highest flexibility and best usability. It is then shown how to calibrate the entire configuration and finally some practical examples are provided. Switching is explained using VNAs as an example, the appendix 5.4 provides hints regarding the differences when using SAs in a similar way.

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