Application Notes

RF Pulse Measurements in time and frequency domains with VSE-K6

RF pulse measurements, to characterize the signal in the frequency domain, are traditionally carried out on an RF spectrum analyzer. For time related pulse parameters, oscilloscopes are widely used. However, the measurement capabilities of state of the art test and measurement equipment has evolved over time and crosses domains. With a combination of R&S®RTO digital oscilloscope and dedicated pulse analysis software R&S®VSE-K6, pulse signals can be analyzed in both domains, frequency and time.

The R&S®RTO digital oscilloscopes are unique in that they allow output of I/Q data for processing. This application note focusses on signal measurement using this instrument.

Analysis of an L-/S-band ATC RADAR utilizing the R&S®RTO2044 oscilloscope running Vector Signal Explorer Software R&S®VSE and Pulse Analysis personality R&S®VSE-K6 is followed by measurements on an X-band RADAR utilizing R&S®FSW, R&S®FPS, R&S®FSV or FSVA signal & spectrum analyzers with the same dedicated R&S®VSE-K6 software.

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