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  • GNSS Simulator in the R&S®SMBV100A Vector Signal Generator - Specifications

    With the GNSS simulator solution for the R&S SMBV100A, dynamic scenarios with up to 24 GPS/SBAS/QZSS, Galileo, Glonass and BeiDou satellite signals can be generated in realtime including moving scenarios, multipath, dynamic power control and atmospheric modeling. Assisted GNSS test scenarios are additionally made available along with interfaces to generate user-defined GNSS assistance data. The GNSS simulator for the R&S®SMBV100A can also be used to easily simulate real-life user environments such as an urban canyon, rural area, tunnel and highway. The effects of antenna pattern and vehicle body mask can be simulated in realtime with dynamic variation of the vehicle’s attitude. Above and beyond GNSS signal generation, the R&S SMBV100A is a flexible vector signal generator with excellent RF performance. It offers options for generating standard-compliant signals for all important digital communications standards (GSM, WCDMA, HSPA+, LTE, WiMAXTM, WLAN, etc.) and radio standards (DAB, Sirius | XM Satellite Radio, HD RadioTM, FM stereo). This versatility allows mobile phone or car infotainment system manufacturers that integrate GNSS modules into their products to test the GNSS functionality and the normal functionality of their products with only one instrument. This document contains the functional specifications of the GNSS-related software options for the R&S SMBV100A.

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