Add and Remove Values from Peak List


I ran a pre-scan and have a pre-measurement peak list. Now, I want to

make changes to this peak list. Is it possible to make changes to the peak list?

There are some ambient responses that I know and which should be removed.


Yes, this is possible. You can add values to the peak list or you can remove

entries. As soon as the peak list is completed, you can manually

change the peak list contents to include frequencies of particular interest or to

remove entries, e.g. for your known ambient responses.

To add a frequency to the peak list:

- Enable a marker using the MARKER => MARKER SETTINGS menu.

- Move the activated marker to the frequency of interest. You can do this with

the mouse (by clicking the mouse pointer on the trace) or by using the LEFT and

RIGHT arrow keys.

- You can add the new value by right mouse click with the ADD TO PEAK

LIST command in the popup menu. The alternative is to choose ADD TO PEAK LIST from

the MARKER menu.

To remove an entry from the peak list:

- Use the mouse pointer and the UP and DOWN arrow keys to highlight the peak list row

containing the entry to be deleted.

- You can delete the value by right mouse click with the DELETE FROM

PEAK LIST command from the popup menu. The alternative is to choose DELETE FROM PEAK

LIST from the ANALYZE menu.

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