6241A DC Voltage current source/monitor

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6241A DC Voltage current source/monitor, front view
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6241A DC Voltage current source/monitor, rear view
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6241A DC Voltage current source/monitor
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6241A DC Voltage current source/monitor, front view 6241A DC Voltage current source/monitor, rear view 6241A DC Voltage current source/monitor

Key facts

  • 0 to ±32 V / 0 to ±500 mA
  • 4-quadrant supply with pos./neg. output voltage, useable as DC sink
  • Source and measurement with a base accuracy of ±0.02 %
  • High source (10 µV/1 nA) and measurement (1 µV/100 pA) resolution
  • Pulse generation and measurement with min. pulse width of 50 µs

4-quadrant precision DC power supply with measurement and pulse generation capability

6241A is a DC voltage and current source/monitor with high-performance features including a source display resolution of 4½ digits, measuring display resolution of 5½ digits and base accuracy of 0.02 %. It can operate as voltage source or as a real current source in DC, sweeped or pulsed operation. High resolution and extended protection tools make it perfect for testing sensitive electronic components.

Features & benefits

Voltage and current source mode

Source and measurement functions

The 6241A can be used as a power source  in a wide range of applications such as for evaluation purposes in research and development of semiconductors and other electronic components or for characteristic test systems on a production line. Current, voltage and resistance measurements can be made in voltage source mode and in current source mode.

6241A DC voltage/current source/monitor
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Several source modes

DC, pulse, DC sweep and pulse sweep source modes

The 6241A has four source modes – DC, pulse, DC sweep and pulse sweep. The sweeps can be realized as four sweep types: fixed, linear, random and two-slope linear. The two-slope linear sweep is useful for non-linear parameter tests. The unit can generate minimal pulse widths down to 50 µs and minimal periods down to 500 µs. 
The 6241A can operate as a voltage source or as real current source. Like any SMU, the unit also offers precise measurement capabilities.

6241A DC voltage/current source/monitor
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Sweep and pulse sweep capabilities

Fast response and low noise

Linear operation concept

The 6241A features low noise combined with fast output response behavior. A 0 to 3 V voltage step can typically be realized within 8.5 µs (0 % to 90% rise). The output noise there is about 2.2mV (peak-to-peak for a measurement bandwidth of DC to 20 MHz. The unit can be operated in two different output response modes (fast or slow). Its low frequency ripple is below 500 µV and it has very low switching noise for range-crossing sweeps. 4-wire and 2-wire operation is possible.

6241A DC voltage/current source/monitor
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Fast response combined with low noise

High DUT protection

Precise and fast limiters

The 6241A has precise and fast acting high-resolution-setting limiters: current limiters for voltage operation mode and voltage limiters for current operation mode. Based on its individual high and low limiter setting capability, it is  possible to prevent overload or reverse polarity conditions at DUTs, which  are usually operated in current mode and  will switch off after reaching a specific voltage level. This  protects against latch-up effects.

6241A DC voltage/current source/monitor
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Individual settings of HI/LO limiters

Suspend function with HiZ/LoZ

The 6241A supports three different output OFF states: STBY (output relay OFF), HiZ (output relay ON, high resistance state), LoZ (output relay ON, low resistance state). This eliminates unnecessary ON/OFF relay operations, which increases the average life span. Setting  a specific suspend voltage other than 0 V prevents transitional current suctions occuring at connected buffer devices, e.g. batteries.

6241A DC voltage/current source/monitor
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Extended measurement

Fast, precise, convenient analysis­

  • Voltage, current, resistance measurements
  • ­Fast sample and waveform buffer (8000 readings)
  • ­Calculation functions (MIN, MAX, AVE, TOTAL, scaling)
  • ­Fast comparator calculations with output signal (HI, LO, GO)
  • ­Null calculation
  • ­Sample & hold measurements with 100 µs integration time
6241A DC voltage/current source/monitor
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Different measurement functions; sample & hold measurements; different measurement timing

Perfect system integration

Convenient trigger and synchronization capabilities

The 6241A allows precise source/measurement timing. Pulse width, pulse period, source delay, measurement window and measurement delay can be precisely defined with up to 1 µsec resolution. Other hardware trigger/sync signals allow  interoperability with other instruments in time-critical applications. It is possible to cascade multiple units even under pulsed conditions, e.g. to increase the output power. GPIB and USB interfaces are standard.

6241A DC voltage/current source/monitor
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Precise source/measurement timing

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