Application & cloud Security

Application & cloud security

We provide security tools to protect business critical applications for all types of businesses, public authorities and large enterprises. They help companies and organizations fend off cyberattacks on the application layer, block attacks originating from malicious bots, and reduce their attack surface. A central authentication service for applications ensuring internal and external users authenticate using the appropriate method for each application. In order to provide safe information exchange across the web, we developed solutions to secure cloud environments and collaboration tools as well as secure data rooms.

Your challenges

Our solutions for application and cloud security ensure reliable digital business processes. They deliver a safe digital experience to your corporation, partners and customers protecting web services and websites. Comprehensive and integrated solutions provide data-centric security for cloud environments as well as secure data exchange across globally acting teams. Furthermore, they help companies to comply with the latest legal requirements such as GDPR and PSD2.

Benefits of our products

  • Secure web applications and web services
  • Secure cloud computing environments
  • Secure collaboration tools
  • Secure exchange of sensitive data
  • Easy to use, scalable solutions

R&S®Trusted Gate

  • Work in public clouds in compliance with data protection requirements
  • Take cloud security into your own hands
  • Profit from all the advantages of the cloud plus high data security
  • Effective and secure working with cloud applications
  • Easy management and usability

R&S®Web Application Firewall

  • Protects public-facing and internal web applications and APIs
  • Effective security against a variety of attacks, including automated attacks (bots)
  • Lower TCO thanks to unique workflow management system
  • On-premises and hybrid/multi-cloud deployment
  • Two product editions to address different use cases
R&S®Cloud Protector

R&S®Cloud Protector

  • Effective security against Web application attacks
  • Securing Web applications made simple and scalable
  • Effortless deployment for a free trial
  • Four price plans to match your needs and budget
  • Improving website performance