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The right power supply for the right application

Having the right power supply for the right application is crucial. Rohde & Schwarz provides a wide range of laboratory power supplies that are tailored to a variety of uses with the features required for a specific application.

Power Supplies

  • R&S®HMP Power Supply Family

    Up to four channels in a single instrument

    • R&S®HMP2020/HMP2030 with 2/3 channels and 188 W total output power
    • R&S®HMP4030/HMP4040 with 3/4 channels and 384 W total output power
    • Maximum output voltage of 32 V per channel;
    • High output currents up to 5 A/10 A (depending on the model);
    • Linear postregulation for low residual ripple
    • Electronic fuse (OCP), adjustable maximum voltage (OVP), overtemperature protection (OTP)
  • R&S®HMC804x Power Supply

    100 W and 1, 2 or 3 channels

    • High energy efficiency, low heat dissipation
    • FuseLink to freely combine electronic fuses
    • EasyArb function for user-definable V/I curves
    • External trigger and analog input
    • R&S®NGE102 with two or R&S®NGE103 with three channels
    • 0V to 32 V/0 A to 3 A per channel
    • Electronic fuse, overvoltage and overpower protecction
  • HM7042 Triple Power Supply

    High-performance value laboratory power supply

    • 2 x 0V to 32 V/ 2 A  / 1 x 0V to 5.5 V/ 5 A
    • Protection of sensitive loads by current limit or electronic fuse
    • Parallel (up to 9 A) and series (up to 69.5 V) operation
  • HM8143 Three-Channel Arbitrary Power Supply

    The most versatile power supply in its class

    • 2 x 0 V to 30 V/1 x 5 V, 3 x 2 A (max. 130 W)
    • Advanced parallel and serial operation
    • Free PC software for remote control and creation of arbitrary waveforms (4096 points, 12 bit)
  • HM8040 Triple Power Supply

    Power supply module

    • 2x 0V to 20 V / 0.5 A / 1x 5 V / 1A
    • Protection of sensitive loads by current limit or electronic fuse
    • Mainframe HM8001-2 required for operation
  • R&S®NGMO Single/Dual Channel Analyzer/Power Supply

    Precise power supply and measurements under critical test conditions

    • Accurate high-speed voltage source
    • Programmable DC load
    • Precise digital voltmeter
  • R&S®TS-PSU Power Supply/Load Module

    4 quadrant source with integrated measurement unit

    • Two fully independent, floating channels up to ± 50 V and up to 50 W
    • 4-quadrant mode: bipolar, source and sink

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