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  • Airborne Communications

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  • Airborne Communications Solutions - References

    Software defined radios with SATURN In December 2002, the Polish air force chose the multirole F-16 fighterjet and ordered 48 of the Block 52 version to replace its older MiG fighter aircraft. By selecting this aircraft, Poland’s air force now has one of the most powerful multirole fighter aircraft in NATO.The entire package includes a newly designed communications suite that is based on the Rohde

  • Success Story Broadcast Australia

    Broadcast Australia has placed orders for high efficiency DTV transmitters to Rohde & Schwarz as part of both the introduction of new services and a transmitter replacement program. These will be installed throughout the country and include R&S®THU9 UHF transmitter family and the recently launched R&S®THV9 VHF transmitter family in different Power classes (2.3kW - 9.2kW).Both UHF and VHF high efficiency

  • Success Story KERA

    The North Texas public broadcaster looks to Rohde & Schwarz for reliable and efficient transmitter technology for both TV and FM broadcast.KERA-TV, a public broadcasting station serving the Dallas-Fort Worth area, has selected the R&S®THU9 high-power UHF TV transmitter from Rohde & Schwarz to provide greater efficiency and reliability to their 50 kW broadcast.The primary driver for KERA’s transmitter

  • Terrestrial Infrastructure & Testing - Reference Turkmenistan

    For project supervisor Robert Bleicher (a project manager in the Broadcast Division) and his team, it was not the kind of order you receive every day. A record-breaking new TV tower was being built in Turkmenistan, formerly part of the Soviet Union. Incorporating a giant, eight-pointed star and a revolving restaurant, the tower is not just a standout piece of architecture. The Oguz Khan star has even

  • WLAN / Wi-Fi

    WLAN Traffic Offload in LTE IEEE 802.11ac PHY Tests Wireless Gigabit - IEEE 802.11 ad Open Contact FormSend us an e-mail

  • Airborne Communications Solutions - References

    In spring 2003, the European OCCAR (Organisation Conjointe de Coopération en matière d‘Armement) defense agency placed an order with Airbus Military S.L. as the prime contractor to supply a total of 180 A400M transport aircraft. The participating nations are Germany (60 units), France (50), Spain (27), Great Britain (25), Turkey (10), Belgium (7) and Luxemburg (1).The A400M transport aircraft is a

  • Airborne Communications Solutions - References

    The first tranche of the Eurofighter Typhoon program involved 148 aircraft. A further 236 aircraft will be produced for the second tranche now commissioned. Each aircraft will be equipped with two VHF/UHF airborne transceivers of the R&S®M3AR family.The R&S®M3AR family of airborne transceivers for voice and data transmission in the frequency range from 30 MHz to 400 MHz was introduced on the market

  • Free mobility on board

    Flexible communication not limited to certain locations is an upcoming demand of modern system solutions. R&S®NAVICS provides a Wi-Fi based wireless communications system (WCS) to allow freedom of movement even on the entire ship combined with an application, which allows a smartphones to act as mobile voice terminals. For mobility in a limited area around a voice terminal, a wireless headset system

  • NAVICS further information

    All R&S®NAVICS switching functions are implemented in software and hosted on commercially available IT components. This enables excellent scalability, from small ships to large frigates. It supports fully integrated subsystems such as broadcast, alarm and STE systems and offers a wide variety of additional features. R&S®NAVICS provides two solutions that meet different security requirements using two

Results 1 - 10 of 136
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