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  • R&S®HMP4000

    R&S®HMP4000 R&S®HMP4000 Power supply series Key facts 3 or 4 channels with max. 384 W total output power Maximum output current per channel: 10A Maximum output power per channel: 160W Maximum output voltage of 32 V per channel; higher voltages possible in serial operation Electronic fuse (OCP), adjustable maximum voltage (OVP), overtemperature protection (OTP) Up to four channels in a single

  • DC Power supplies

    HMC804x HMP HMP4000 HM8143 NGL200 M3SRIN4000A Promotion for Power supplies Overview Further information Power supply Everything you need from R&S® Power Supplies & Power Analyzers Looking for a power supply with various connectivity options and interfaces? For a limited time only get all options on your power supply at the point of purchase with up to 33% discount. One purchase, all options, high

  • R&S®HMP Series Power Supplies Getting Started

    Provides the information required to prepare the instrument for use and start working. Basic operations and handling are described.

  • R&S®HMP Series Power Supplies User Manual

    Describes all instrument functions and remote control commands, including measurement and programming examples. Includes the contents of the Getting Started manual. The online version contains the documentation for the R&S®HMP Series for immediate display (no download required).

  • Firmware for R&S®HMP4000 Power supply series

    Firmware for HMP4000Title Versions Last Modified File Size HMP Series Firmware V2.62 Including Release NotesFor HMP2020, HMP2030, HMP4030, HMP4040 V 2.62 06.03.20182 MB

  • Drivers for R&S®HMP4000 Power supply series

    Each productDriver Information (4)File DescriptionDateRelated Content 26.09.2017 IVI.NET driver Hmp4000 history 19.11.2018 LabVIEW driver hmp4000 history 19.11.2018 LabWindows/CVI, VXIpnp driver hmp4000 history 19.11.2018 Instrument Drivers (8)Driver NameSizeVersionDateHO732 USB Virtual COM Port (VCP) driver Commonly required component for USB interfaceSupported OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 (

  • Software for R&S®HMP4000 Power supply series

    Software (1)Title Size Version Date HMExplorer Version 1.7.4 includes Open Source Acknowledgment, Release Note and User Manual8 MBV 1.7.4 21.12.2018

  • My HMExplorer script is not running while all commands are OK, why?

    My HMExplorer script is not running while all commands are OK, why?QuestionI have the following script in HMExplorer to use the ARB function of the HMP.SEND *RSTSEND INST OUTP1SEND ARB:CLESEND ARB:DATA 5,0,3,5,0.1,3,5,0.2,3,5,0.3,3SEND ARB:TRAN 1SEND OUTP ONSEND ARB:STAR 1When I send the commands step by step in the SCPI mode it is working.Why does not work my script in the script mode?AnswerThe

  • Best way to switch off the HMP series power supply

    Best way to switch off the HMP series power supplyQuestionWhen I switch off my HMP power supply using the main switch (called "1 = Power Key" in the manual) on the front panel, I get higher output voltage for a short time.What is the recommended way to avoid such overvoltage?AnswerThe voltage regulation of the R&S®HMP works fine as long as there is enough power available for the regulation. When

  • How to connect HMExplorer to the instrument

    How to connect HMExplorer to the instrumentQuestion:My HMExplorer does not connect to the instrumentError when adding a device. The interface could not be opened.Answer:The latest version of the HMExplorer should be located at[mode]=download&tx_hmdownloads_pi1[uid]=7647Proceed as follows:Open your device managerCheck the box

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