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Comprehensive automotive radar tests with target simulator and FMCW signal analysis

Rohde & Schwarz is now the exclusive distributor of the turnkey automotive radar target simulator (ARTS) from ITS and miro-sys. Combined with the R&S®FSW signal and spectrum analyzer and its analysis option for FMCW chirp signals, ARTS constitutes an innovative test solution for the development and production of automotive radar sensors. The R&S®FSW automatically characterizes chirp signals that are typical of automotive radar according to parameters such as chirp rate, chirp length and chirp rate deviation. ARTS enables realistic simulation of moving targets with adjustable distance, speed and size. Depending on the configuration, up to four independent targets with different parameters can be displayed in real time. This instrument duo offers major advantages in development, production, quality assurance and approval. For the first time ever, production serial tests can be performed with a reasonable test depth and 100 % test coverage. The test solution operates in the common 24 GHz and 77 GHz automotive radar bands.

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