Analyzer Remote-Controlled over LAN Interface


I am developping an application using the FSP. Remote commands are working well using the GPIB interface. Nevertheless, I am not able to use the same commands over the LAN interface (even if the ping command works fine). What do I have to do?


Here is a little program in an EXCEL file.

Please open ESPI_LAN.XLS and go to EXTRAS - MACROS - Visual Basic Editor

to see the program.

What you need for remote-controlling the analyzer via LAN:

- First of all, you nee the RSIB files - included in the ZIP file or available in the analyzer under d:\instr\rsib. Copy RSIB32.DLL to c:\WINNT\SYSTEM32

The RSIB driver opens the connection to the analyzer and allows communication with the instrument.

- Then you need the TCP/IP address of the analyzer - here in this case and subnet mask

- Now you should have a TCP/IP address in your PC which matches this subnet mask - I have used and the same subnet mask.

- Check the connection with 'ping'.

- Now you can use the program attached in ESPI_LAN.XLS or write your own program. The RSIB driver is described in the analyzer manual in chapter 4 "RSIB Protocol"


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