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  • EMC32, using CISPR Average with ESCI

  • Using Individual GTEM Cells

    Is it possible to use any GTEM cell with EMC32?Yes, it is possible. You can use the "EMI Analysis" of EMC32. The EMI analysisopens the "EMI Evaluation" dialog box, where you will find the EMI evaluationfunction "GTEM Correlation". This function is used for converting emitted EMIthat has been measured by an EUT in any GTEM cell.To get the right results after the conversion, you have to fill in two dialogsfor

  • EMCAN32 (up to EMC32 V10.35) no connection to CANoe 9

    I am still using CANoe Version 9 and so I have to install the EMCAN32 from EMC32 V10.35 or below following the manual. I already could work with this software on my computer, but after I changed the OS and performed the complete installation again, I do not get interconnection between EMCAN32 and CANoe. How do I get this installation working?The CANoe V.9 setup does not install the mandatory COM-Port

  • EMC32 with Angle Offset for the second Antenna Mast

    I would like to use two antennas for my EMI Auto Test. The second Antenna has an Angle Offset to the first Antenna. because of this all my Turntable results for the second Antnnna Mast Question are shifted to some degrees. Is it allowed to use more than one Antenna Mast in one Hardware Setup? And how can I add an Angle Offset for the second Antenna Mast?This is possible. At first, I would create two

  • Add Limit Line to existing EMC32 Test to create a new list of critical frequencies

    I have saved an EMI Test and would like to add a new Limit Line to the existing Test, optionally I would like to create a new list of critical frequencies, based on the new limit line. How can I do this with EMC32?Yes, you can do this. You can load the Test and you can add a new limit to the exisitig graphic. It is also possible to run a new EMI Evaluation to get new critical frequencies. Attached

  • EMC32, frequency ranges in Subrange Maxima search

    I have a question about Data Reduction in EMC32. It's about the Subrange Maxima Search. How are the frequency ranges defined for Subrange Maxima Search?In my case I have a Test from 30MHz to 1GHz with 10 subranges. How are the frequency ranges subdivided?In EMI Scan Mode you open the EMI Evaluation function "Subrange Maxima" from menu via "Test" => "EMI Anlaysis".Here you can choose between linear,

  • EMC32 does not start - found Error 2113 in the logfile

  • EMC32, add CDNE Coupling-/ Decoupling Network for EMI measurements

  • EMC32-K2 - how to check for availability

  • EMC32 Main Startup, application will be closed

  • EMC32 does not communicate with NRP2 using LAN interface, Error 2804

  • EMC32, Slidebar minimum position and maximum position

  • Changing virtual COM port to use field probe with EMC32

    We are using EMC32 software for EMS measurements. Currently we have difficulties integrating a field probe. We cannot change the COM port of the field probe's USB/serial adapter and therefore cannot use the field probe with EMC32.The virtual COM port can be changed within Microsoft Windows. Please refer to the Windows Device Manager. If you connect the device to the PC, it is automatically assigned

  • How to get an Overview of Several Curves in one Diagram?

    In a diagram, several curves overlay each other in the order in which they were added to the diagram.How can I change the order of curves or get one of the curves to the foreground?Is there a method for easily getting an overview of the curves ?It is not yet possible to change the order of the curves in a diagram.However, you can do the following:- Use the "Copy Trace" toolbar button to copy the measurement

  • Windows Administrator Rights

    Is it absolutly necessary to give an EMC32 user the rights of an Windows administrator?No, it is not. The default path for the EMC32 setup is the program folder.The Windows user does not need Windows administrator rights, but must havethe permission to write to the EMC32 folders ...\Configuration and...\Tests . If the user also wants to change templates, the useradditionally needs permission to write

  • EMC32-E+: Check EMC32 Expansions

    How can I find out the expansions I have installed? I want to know if I have installed EMC32-E or EMC32-E+.Please open the "Options" dialog box (EXTRAS => OPTIONS) and click "EMS/EMI Options".There you will find an overview of the installed EMS and EMI options.For EMC32-E+, the "Extended EMI Functions (EPLUS)" option has to be activated.

  • Why is it necessary to define a Test Template?

    I have installed EMC32, and now I want to run my first measurement. Why is it necessaryto define test templates before running an EMI test?To run an EMI measurement, EMC32 requires information about the frequencyrange in which the EUT interference is to be measured.The settings of the receiver parameters to be used during the measurement runmust also be defined. These settings typically depend on the

  • Configuring Maturo Type Antenna Controllers and Similar Devices in EMC32

    If I select Maturo antenna masts in EMC32, a "LD 0 DV" should be sent in advance. This can't be configured using a generic tripod template. So how can I configure a Maturo MCU (antenna) controller and similar devices in EMC32 and what about an antenna tripod (in this case EAS365) that is connected to this controller?This can be done as follows:Define the Maturo MCU as "Inn-Co Turntable" in the device

  • How to add a Graphic for Reverse Power to a Test

    My hardware setup has a power meter for amplifier forward power and reverse power. I would like to see thereverse power in my test. How can I add a graphic for the reverse power to my test?You have to use the System Monitoring feature. System Monitoring is similar to EUT Monitoring, but here theEMS test system itself will be monitored instead of the DUT. Parameters to be monitored are, for instance

  • How to define Limit Lines with Steps and resulting Frequency Mismatches

    I would like to define Limit Lines with steps. This does mean I would like to create a limit with two points at the same frequency. How make those cases clear for data reduction and final measurements based on the given limit?This chapter describes what you should note when you define limit lines with steps.Generally you can make those cases clear by not using the same frequency for both points at

  • Correction Column in EMC32-EB Final Results

    In using EMC32-EB with EMC32-K10 EMI Auto Test.This option expands our EMC32-EB to provide test sequences for fully automatic testing. At the end of the Test, we get a Final Result table. Is it possible to see individual losses of cable, antenna, pre-amp, etc in the final table instead of a single total correction value?Yes, this is possible. You can influence the tables in multiple ways. Here are

  • EMC32, Download Transducer Factor to Test Receiver

    I am using with EMC32. I would like to save the transducers from my Test on the Receiver. I would like to re-use it on the Receiver in manual operation, if necessary.Is this possible?Yes, this is possible with EMC32 in the following way.Each transducer used im EMC32 adds up to one sum transducer. In EMC32 the transducer sum correction as used for scans or sweeps can optionally be downloaded into the

  • How to generate separate graphics for the horizontal and vertical result using EMC32-EB

    With EMC32, I would like to do a radiated measurement with more than one subrange for antenne change. The Test should automatically generate separate graphics for the horizontal and vertical result.I would like to measure each subrange with one polarisation only. Is EMC32 applicable to do this?To do this, you have to define a corresponding Hardware Setup first. On generating a new Hardware Setup, the

  • iKey upgrade for EMC32/AMS32 version 10?

    Is it needed to order an upgrade licence to run EMC327AMS32 version 10 with my iKey?Users of EMC32/AMS32 version 9.x can use EMC32/AMS32 version 10 without the need to purchase an upgrade license.Users of EMC32/AMS32 version 8.x or older need to upgrade by purchasing the appropriate upgrade license.For details please contact your R&S sales representative for the version 9 upgrade package and provide

  • error message EMC32: EMC32.ini is missing

    After a program crash the error message indicates that the EMC32.ini is missing or emptyThe EMC32 would not startPlease use the EMC32.ini from your last backupif there is no backup available please delete the EMC32.iniIt is located inC:\ProgramData\EMC32\Configuration(standard installation)

  • EMC32 file access control, synchronize network server contents automatically

    All computers where EMC32 could be run are permanently connected to the company network (by LAN connection, Wireless, or both at the same time).Because of this, for EMC32 I would like to use a common database on a network drive with the common files for testing. This will allow to centralize the update of this files, and the simultaneus use of it at the laboratory, ensuring the consistency of the files.How

  • Creating Scan Tables with up to four detectors using EMC32

    I am using EMC32 for EMI Testing with various Test Receivers.When creating a scan table, the software allows me to select up to max. two different detectors. For other Receivers I can select up to four detectors.Is there a specific reason for this?You are right. Depending on Test Receiver, EMC32 allows up to 4 detectors in parallel.If you have three or four detectors, one of the detectors is usually

  • Use of the ESW build in Pulse Limiter, if remote controlled by EMC32

  • EMC32, import Result Table from another PC for comparison

  • EMC32: Add attenuation table to Signal Path

  • Stop a Measurement, Save the Test and Continue the Measurement Later.

    I would like to stop a long measurement, save the test and continue the measurement later. Is this possible?It is possible to stop a measurement and continue it later (e.g. after rebooting your PC).Please proceed as follows:1.) Start your EMC32 measurement.2.) Stop your EMC32 measurement before it is finished.3.) Leave the "Measurement Mode".4.) Save your test.5.) Close your test.6.) If you wish to

  • Measurement Channel

    I want to use the R&S EMC32 measurement software togenerate a stress level for my EUT when performingelectromagnetic susceptibility measurements. Can youtell me what a measurement channel is?The objective of electromagnetic susceptibility measurements is to determinewhether the EUT is immune to electromagnetic interference signals and fields.During an EMS measurement, both data from the leveling algorithm

  • Unit Conversion

    For my everyday EMC measurements, I have to convert units, for exampledBm to dBµV or dBpW to dBuV. Is there an easy way to convert a value into another unit?In addition to application note 1GP77 with the "R&S dB Calculator" software,application note 1MA85 with the "Field Strength and Power Estimator" softwareand application note 1MA98 "dB or not dB? Everything you ever wanted toknow about decibels

  • Submit frequency and level from EMC32 to Vector CANoe?

  • EMC32-S: Pulse train support in EMC32

    I am using EMC32. How can I configure a test template with the SMB100A (including SMB-K27) or the SMF100A (including SMF-K27) to generate pulse trains for my EMC32 application?The pulse train software option is the SMF/B-K27. It is selected as an AWG in the device list for the pulse modulation setup.The EMC32 software considers the signal generator and pulse train source (AWG) as two separate devices

  • Answer of External Monitoring Software does not Appear in EMC32 Window

    An external monitoring software receives EMC32 commands correctly and answers from LabVIEW.However, the answer does not appear in the EMC32 window.What's the problem? How to check?Every network monitor can be used as an analysis tool, e.g. Network Monitor 3.3 from Microsoft.This tool allows the capturing and protocol analysis of network traffic.If the two software programs run on separate PCs, it is

  • When do I need the EMC32 User Administration?

    In the User List of EMC32, I find different user names and two classes of users. There is the class "Manager" and the class "Standard". When do I need different user names? What is the difference between a manager and a standard user?The "Standard" user has restricted access rights. The "Standard" user does not haveaccess to the administration and the device list, and cannot create or modifydevice

  • Password Protection

    Is it possible to protect EMC32 with a password?Yes, it is possible to protect EMC32 with a password. Please perform the following steps:1.) Run EMC32.2.) Open EXTRAS => OPTIONS.3.) Enable the option "Activate Login" by means of a check mark.4.) Close the Options panel with OK.5.) Enter the administrator name and the password.6.) Upon the next start of EMC32 you must enter your administrator name and

  • Change or Upgrade from EMC32-L to EMC32-E/-C

    Is it possible to perform an upgrade from EMC32-L to EMC32-E (Emission) or at least to EMC32-C (includes immunity software)? Is it possible to use the datasets of EMC32-L with EMC32-E/-C?Yes, it is possible. However the EMC32-E software part is a new installation (hardlock protected) and allows semi- and fully automated EMI- tests with external accessories included, such as mast- ,turntable- or slideway

  • How can I generate and Export a Test Report?

    Is it possible to generate test reports? Can I export the test reports to other Windows applications?Yes, both is possible.First, you have to configure your report with different report components.To create a report and to add a component to the report, proceed as follows:1. Click on the Create Report icon or select REPORT => REPORT from the menu bar.2. Select a component from the "Available Components

  • How to Document Several Measurements in one Test Report

    I need to put several measurements in a single report (for 1 DUT). How can I do that?You usually need the EMC32-K11 test sequencer option to do this.However, the following methods can be used as alternatives, though they may be more work-intensive:A) Open a new report setup template --> In the EMC32 explorer, open the test component explorer via the toolbar --> Open the report setup where the report

  • add VXI Driver

    I want to add a new device that requires a VXI driver to the EMC32 device list.What is the easiest way to find and add the new VXI driver?EMC32 comes with the R&S Driver Installer Tool. The R&S Driver Installer Toolis an additional Windows tool that helps you install additional drivers.If you add a new device that requires a VXI driver to the EMC32 device list,you can start the R&S Driver Installer

  • Coexistence of iKeys

    I received a new iKey with a new EMC32 option. I have connected the iKey to a freeUSB port of my PC and it is working. I wonder how many iKeys can be handledsimultaneously?The standard installation allows up to 4 iKeys to be connected at the same time.If you have more than 4 iKeys, please use the 'EMC32 iKey Merge Tool' to addEMC32-Kxx options to a EMC32-EB/-S main license key and to reduce thenumber

  • Merge Dongles into one USB Dongle Only?

    We have two USB dongles, i.e. one for the software and one for an EMC32-Kxx option.Can I merge these two USB dongles into one only?If I merge them into one dongle, what will happen to the data of the second dongle?Yes, it is possible to merge these two dongles into one. To reduce thenumber of iKeys, the "iKey Merge Tool" has been installed on EMC32.The tool makes it possible to transfer the content

  • EMC32: How does the Standard Report refer to measurements in the semi-anechoic chambers?

    In the General Settings of the EMI Auto Test you have to select "Open-Area-Test-Site" when performing a radiated emission test. There are no other types of measurement chambers available to select. Later, when my report is generated it includes this text: "Open-Area-Test-Site".My measurements were performed in a 'Semi-anechoic chamber". Until now I did not find a way to change this. So, is there a

  • EMC32 measurements with more than 1000000 points

    I have a question about EMC32 for automotive OEM measurements.We are working with some setups with a huge quantity of points.EMC32 only support 1.000.000 of points, so we have to divide our measurement. in several frequency ranges…Do you know if there is another wayto go around this?If you are using a Receiver equipped with Time Domain Scan (in EMC32 you are able to select Scan Mode ScanFast), you

  • EMC32: Interactive data reduction, difference between "After data reduction" and "Before final measurements".

    In the menu "Data Reduction" of EMI Auto Test, there are two buttons for activating the "interactive data reduction". I would like to know the exact differences between "After Data Reduction" and "Before Final Meas". I couldn't find a plausible explanation.In basically, in data reduction, the number of frequency points from the pre-measurement should be reduced as far as possible in order to save as

  • TS8997 waveform files on the vector generator not found

    We are doing DFS measurements according to EN 301 893, but the API Macro comes with a "waveform files on the vector generator not found" message.How can I solve this?Most likely you get this message , because the needed waveforms have not been imported into SMBV100A.Basically the missing waveforms are located in the EMC32 "Data" folder with the file name "TS8997waveforms.zip".With some earler versions

  • Initialize RF Generator, change start level for immunity testing using EMC32

    I want to start a radiated immunity test with EMC32. On the RF Generator I can see the following operating states:- With EMC32 I start the measurement by pressing the start button. The RF Generator is initialized with the start frequency and a level of -100dBm. The RF output is switched off.- Now, the RF Generator output changes from off to on and EMC32 sets a new level on the Generator. In my case

  • Open an exiting Test and add a new Limit Line

    I am using Test Receiver with EMC32. I would like to open an exiting Test and add a new Limit Line to this Test for further evaluation. Is it possible to dothis?Yes, you can do this.Limit have to be available in EMC32 database, otherwise Limit have to be added to EMC32, first.As soon as the limit is available, the procedure is the following:- Open the exiting Test from EMC32 Explorer- Click into the

  • Show Graphic of a Transducer using EMC32

    I have added several Transducers to EMC32. I would like to see how the interpolation works. Is it possible to visualize the interpolation of the transducer in EMC32?EMC32 is using a table editor to create, display or modify tables. This table editor is also used to create, display or modify Transducers.Normally the data of the loaded table file are displayed in a tabular form, only. Each row contains

  • update license iKey 9.xx

    How can I update my EMC32 base license iKey to enable version 9.xx ?You have been sent a license key to enable the EMC32-U9E or EMC32-U9S option. To update your EMC32 base license, you will need this license key, the iKey of your base license and the iKey Merge Tool (which is installed with version 9).Start the iKey Merge Tool from the EMC32 program group.Connect only your base license iKey and press

  • EMC32: EUT Monitoring, use of the Device "Evaluation"

    In the EUT Monitoring Template, Hardware Tab, I can select a measurement device "Evaluation" What is it and what can I do with it?The tabbed structure of the EUT Monitoring template editor contains the parameters for one monitoring channel. The displayed parameters are always the ones corresponding to the channel selected in the channel overview list. This does mean you can define more than one channel

  • RF indicator while running an EMS test

    I want to be sure that RF from the generator is switched off when my notification message is displayed. In EMC32, I see two RF indicators when the message is displayed. Which of the indicators shown in EMC32 is correct?The indicator Generator RF ON / RF OFF shown in the Scan Parameters panel shows the correct status. If this indicator shows RF OFF, you can be sure that the RF from the generator is

  • EMC32-S: Immunity level as a function of frequency

    In my case, the target level of my susceptibility measurement is not constant.Is it possible to configure the EMC32 with a falling or rising target level?Yes, you can configure this in the EMS Scan template. The lower section of the EMS Scan template editor contains a tab structure with four tabs where the parameters for each subrange are configured.Go to the Level tab. Here, you can define the target

  • Why do I see only one Result Table in the EMC32 Explorer although I set two Detectors?

    I choose two detectors for the EMC32 final test. Why does one result table not appear in the EMC explorer after the test?Are the autotest settings not suitable?An autotest consists of several test phases with measurements. These measurements are made with one or two detectors depending on the chosen template:------------------------------------------------------------------------test phase 1st detector

  • EMC32 error "an ikey for AMS32 could not be found"

    Every Time when I start my EMC32, a strange Error appears: "ikey for AMS32 could not be found". What to do ?Since the AMS32 functionality is integrated in EMC32 now, the error has to appear if the AMS option is installedbut the key is not valid for it. This error is normal if no dongle for AMS32 was bought.When you confirm the message with "ok", EMC32 comes up.You can test your dongle with the ikeyfinder

  • EMC32 and CANoe Application

    How to open the properties dialog of the DCOM object Vector CANoe Applications?It always comes with the error: activex component can't create object.What to do if the software indicates that files are missing?In addition to the "Hints for the DCOM configuration" to be found in the EMC32 online help underthe search term CANoe, please note: Name Last Modified SizeEMC32.dbc Nov 22, 2012 2 kBEMC32.cnp

  • Activate Logins for Different Users

    Is it possible to activate logins for different EMC32 users?Yes, it is. Please proceed as follows to configure EMC32 for different users:1.) Run EMC32.2.) Open the menu EXTRAS => OPTIONS => GENERAL.3.) Enable the option "Activate Login".4.) Close the Options panel with OK.5.) Enter the name and the password for the first EMC32 manager.6.) Restart EMC32 and enter name/password again.7.) Open EXTRAS

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