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  • How to Connect the Control Cable from the FSP-B10 (ext. Generator Control) to the SMU200A?

    I have a spectrum analyzer with the external generator control option FSP-B10 and I want to connect the control cable to the SMU200A. Which BNC connector on the SMU200A do I have to use for 'Marker', 'Blank' and 'Trigger'?Connect the 'Blank' connector of the cable to the 'User1' connector of the SMU200A.Connect the 'Trigger' connector of the cable to the 'INSTR TRIG' connector of the SMU200A.The 'Marker

  • Remote Control via Telnet

    I want to remote-control the signal generator via LAN and Telnet. How can I do this?For proper operation of the SMA100A in a Telnet connection, the raw TCP/IP interface command should have the following syntax: telnet <ip-addr> <port-number>The port number should be "5025". telnet <ip-addr> 5025Remote control is possible via "Raw Ethernet". VISA is not required on the computer.The instrument is also

  • Interruptions in the RF level when the signal changes

    How is the behavior of the RF port of the signal generatorwhen the signal definition is changed andwhat can be done to minimize the RF level break-in?In general, the SMU checks for every command received whether the associatedparameter has to be changed or not.If no change is required, the SMU will do nothing. For example:The SMU output frequency is 1 GHz. The command "set output frequency to 1 GHz"is

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