Calibration at R&S Philippines

Full calibration just like new instruments leaving the factory

Calibration by the manufacturer guarantees highest competence and quality. Utmost care and skilled handling in the maintenance of your valuable electronic resources are only possible when the calibration is performed by the product’s manufacturer, who is familiar with all the details of the design. Detailed knowledge of the equipment’s structure is indispensable especially when a readjustment is required as a result of a deviation in specifications.

Maximum Automation

Our ACS112, which is a smart Automatic Calibration System ensures maximum reliability and efficiency. The ACS112 is a proprietary system with high testing depth and reliability, allows international comparability of results, keeps turnaround time short and your maintenance cost low.

Product Optimization

Our service engineer will install the latest firmware version or hardware options when your instruments are at our service centers for calibration. If a useful hardware modification has been made to the product in the meantime as part of a model update, this innovation will also be incorporated, usually at no extra cost to you. After submitting your unit for calibration, it will first be given a thorough check so that inconsistencies of any kind can be detected and the necessary steps can be taken. This guarantees your instrument in tip-top condition and ensures its peak performance.

Guaranteed Traceability

Your Rohde & Schwarz instrument will be calibrated in conformance with international guidelines and traceable to national and international standards. They will be returned to you with a calibration label, a calibration certificate and a detailed test report in accordance with ISO17025. You will thus fulfill all the requirements of ISO9001 with respect to the complete traceability of your measuring equipment to internationally recognized standards. Rohde & Schwarz Service Center Philippines technically managed by Rohde & Schwarz Systems and Communications in Singapore, which is Rohde & Schwarz certified Regional Service Center for the region.

In the meantime, we are in the process of being accredited ISO/IEC 17025 by the Bureau of Product Standards Laboratory Accreditation Scheme (BPSLAS). Please visit our website on a regular basis for the latest update.