R&S®RFID 18000-6C Analysis Software

Your Task

Development of RFID readers and tags in line with IEC 18000-6C requires the measurement of RF parameters and timings as well as the analysis of the transmission protocol in order to document standard compliance.

For this purpose, you need a tool that helps you automate complex test instrument settings and measurements so you can fully focus on the development work.

T&M Solution

Analysis of reader/tag communications

The R&S®RFID 18000-6C analysis software runs on a PC connected to a spectrum analyzer from Rohde & Schwarz (or on the spectrum analyzer itself).

Only a few settings, which can be saved as setup settings, are required – and the software is ready to perform the T&M task at hand.


Easy operation

In order to start a measurement, initiate communications between the reader and tag. The software triggers the spectrum analyzer automatically and records the measured values as I/Q data.

Clear presentation of measurement results

The measurement results are presented separately by reader and tag in tabular or graphical format. The signal versus time display (capture buffer, zero span) occupies the upper part of the result screen, giving the user an initial overview of the timing.

The lower part of the result screen contains areas with content that can be defined via a selection menu, e.g.:

  • General parameters (sample rate and data volume)
  • Reader parameters (timing and protocol)


The spectrum analyzer that is used determines the memory depth and analysis bandwidth and consequently the measurement performance. Analysis is possible even with the lightweight and compact R&S®FSL spectrum analyzer.

Further benefits

  • Data can be saved and read in CSV format for documentation purposes
  • Easy identification and analysis of interfering signals or undesired spectral components when using a R&S®FSVR realtime spectrum analyzer
Presentation of measurement results

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