R&S®NRPV Virtual Power Meter

Convenient power measurements via PC application

Sophisticated PC application

In combination with the R&S®NRPV virtual power meter software, the USB capability of the R&S®NRP-Zxx power sensors can be ideally utilized. The software covers all sensor functions and supports up to four sensors connected to a laptop/PC via the R&S®NRP-Z3/R&S®NRP-Z4 USB adapter cables or theR&S®NRP-Z5 sensor hub. The sensors are automatically detected when plugged in and added to all open measurement windows (hot plugging).

This cost-effective measurement solution supports all available measurement modes. Mathematical calculations during measurements to determine the SWR, difference or ratio are possible in the ContAv, gated average and burst average numerical modes and in the graphical trace mode.

Multifunctional trace mode window

The trace mode is supported by all three-path diode power sensors, two-path diode power sensors and wideband power sensors. Up to four trace measurements and four mathematical traces can be simultaneously displayed in one window.

Timeslot/time gate: Timeslot and time gate measurements are performed directly in the trace window. The R&S®NRPV virtual power meter software supports up to 16 timeslots and four independent time gates. They can be transparently displayed in the trace window. Timeslot and gate length as well as their starting position are adjusted using the mouse; measured values are displayed as a table in the measurement window.

Automatic pulse analysis: The R&S®NRP-Z8x wideband power sensors are able to quickly and automatically analyze pulsed signals in trace mode to continuously determine the most important time and power parameters.

Extremely flexible marker functions

The marker function in the trace mode supports an unlimited number of markers that can be linked together as required. In addition to single markers (to measure the level at a fixed time) and double markers (to determine the level difference after a fixed time period), other functions such as automatic peak search are available.

Each marker can be used as a reference marker and functions as a reference point to determine time and level differences. Linked markers can be combined and extended as required. Since each marker is associated with a trace, markers from different traces can also be linked. The spacing between two pulses in different traces can be accurately and continuously measured, even if the pulse spacing changes.

Complex marker settings can be stored and retrieved at any time.

Intelligent licensing concept: dongle-free on multiple PCs

The R&S®NRPV virtual power meter software can be installed on an unlimited number of laptops/PCs. For use with the R&S®NRPV software, each R&S®NRP-Zxx power sensor has to be activated individually using the sensor-related R&S®NRPZ-K1 keycode option. Once activated, the sensor can be operated on any laptop/PC. This licensing concept eliminates the need for USB dongles and does not tie a license to a specific laptop/PC.

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