R&S®SMW200A Vector Signal Generator - Video

R&S®SMW200A Video

The R&S®SMW200A vector signal generator is the ideal tool for generating the high-quality, complex digitally modulated signals required for the development of new wideband communications systems or the verification of 3G and 4G base stations. All functions needed are combined in a single instrument: baseband (up to 160 MHz bandwidth, maximum of eight baseband sources), MIMO (up to 8x2 without external add-ons, easy-to-use 4x4 solution), fading (with up to 16 logical faders), AWGN and RF, and all this twice in two paths up to 6 GHz each, plus internal signal calculation. Despite of its impressive scope of functions, the R&S®SMW200A can be operated very conveniently and efficiently thanks to its intuitive touch GUI and many powerful assistance tools such as a testcase wizard, a macro recorder for automatic generation of SCPI remote control programs or the context-sensitive online help. The instrument is completely modular. In the simplest case, you start with an externally modulated (up to 2 GHz bandwidth) RF generator. Finally, you might end up with an instrument capable of simulating multi-user PUCCH for LTE or even generating LTE-Advanced scenarios with carrier aggregation and all MIMO configurations defined by the standard. Whatever goes up on your drawing board: The R&S®SMW200A will help make your visions come true, now and in the future.

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