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  • Products for Satellite

    Expand allCollapse all Spectrum & Network AnalyzersR&S®ZNA Vector Network AnalyzersR&S®FSW signal and spectrum analyzerR&S®FSL Spectrum AnalyzerR&S®FSV Signal and Spectrum AnalyzerR&S®FSVR Real-Time Spectrum AnalyzerR&S®FPS Signal and Spectrum AnalyzerR&S®ZVA Vector Network AnalyzersR&S®ZNB Vector Network AnalyzerR&S®ZVT Vector Network Analyzers Signal GeneratorsR&S®SMW200A Vector Signal GeneratorR

  • Airborne Communications

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  • Products for Airborne Communications Solutions

    Expand allCollapse all Software Defined RadiosR&S®M3AR Software Defined Radios Management SystemsR&S®RNMS3000 Radio Network Management SystemOpen Contact FormSend us an e-mail

  • Key Capabilities for Naval Communications Solutions - Military-Grade Data Communications Solutions

    To conduct its network-centric operations, a modern navy requires applications that ensure the secure exchange of information. Rohde & Schwarz offers tailored solutions to meet the wide range of demands facing modern naval forces.R&S®Postman III Radiocommunications systemThe main applications that R&S®Postman III provides are e-mail, chat, file transfer and Blue Force Tracking. Since they have been

  • Key Capabilities for Naval Communications Solutions - System Solutions

    Rohde & Schwarz software defined radios feature IP interfaces that make it possible to integrate these radios into a standard IP network for remote control and data transmissions.Down to Go toRohde & Schwarz software defined radios feature IP interfaces that make it possible to integrate these radios into a standard IP network for remote control and data transmissions.IP over the Air (IPoA) IPoA protocols

  • Naval Communications - Solution

    OverviewMilitary-Grade Data Communications SolutionsSecure RadiocommunicationsICS from a Single SourceFully IP-based naval system for internal and external communicationsOfferings designed to meet the challenges of naval communications.More InformationOpen Contact FormSend us an e-mail

  • Key Components for R&S®NAVICS

    R&S®GB5900T Voice Terminal TouchR&S®GB5900S Voice Terminal SoftkeyR&S®GB5900SM Voice Terminal SoftkeyR&S®TF5900M Trusted FilterR&S®WHS Wireless Headset System (WHS)R&S®WCS Wireless Communication System (WCS) with ATEX SmartphonesR&S®GW5910 Media Gateway – 1HU

  • Reduction of total costs of ownership

    Guaranteed future by use of dominant industrial standards Use of virtualization technology provides widely independence of future server hardware replacement Minimizes lifecycle costs Standard IT-components enables Easy spare parts management System expansion No obsolescence risks from hidden TDM technology

  • References

  • Success Story KERA

    The North Texas public broadcaster looks to Rohde & Schwarz for reliable and efficient transmitter technology for both TV and FM broadcast.KERA-TV, a public broadcasting station serving the Dallas-Fort Worth area, has selected the R&S®THU9 high-power UHF TV transmitter from Rohde & Schwarz to provide greater efficiency and reliability to their 50 kW broadcast.The primary driver for KERA’s transmitter

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