Power integrity test

Power integrity test

Ensure power integrity in your electronic design

The power delivery network (PDN) provides and delivers the required DC power to all active components on the board. As disturbances on power rails can cause serious impairments to the performance of the used ICs and the overall system, Power Integrity is a paramount requirement in board and system design.

Rohde & Schwarz provides a wide range of tools to efficiently analyze unwanted disturbances on your power rails and to identify their root cause. Our powerful tools also help you to verify the entire power delivery chain from the voltage regulator module (VRM) all the way to the supplied component.

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eGuides for Power rail test

Power integrity: pocket guide

Power Integrity is a key prerequisite for any digital and RF system design. This pocket guides shows, how to make accurate power rail measurements and how impedance measurements can help to detect typical root causes of Power Integrity issues.

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Webinar: Power integrity

Register and watch the power integrity webinar video with industry expert Steve Sandler (CEO of Picotest) and Rohde & Schwarz product and solution experts.

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Documents for Power rail test

Power integrity measurements with R&S®RTP oscilloscopes

The R&S®RT-ZPR power rail probes include an offset circuit to remove the DC level from the power rail voltage. Together with their 1:1 attenuation ratio and low noise design, this allows power integrity measurements with highest sensitivity.

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Verifying power integrity for DDR memories

Signal integrity needs to be maintained in the presence of power and ground rail fluctuations. This becomes even more important as power rail tolerances and jitter requirements get tighter, as for modern DDR memory designs.

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Accurate and fast power integrity measurements

The R&S®RT-ZPR power rail probes provide high accuracy connections to make power integrity measurements with very high sensitivity possible. Due to the powerful FFT in R&S oscilloscopes, the results can be analyzed in both time and frequency domain.

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Five tips for power integrity measurements

This guide describes five tips for making accurate power integrity measurements with oscilloscopes.

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Download: Power integrity poster

Get your free Power integrity fundamentals poster

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Videos for Power rail test

Power integrity debugging
Power integrity debugging with R&S®RTP oscilloscopes

Analyzing power rail disturbances with R&S®RTP. With a built-in offset circuit, 1:1 attenuation ratio, and low noise design, R&S®RT-ZPR power rail probes, make power integrity measurements with the highest sensitivity possible.

Power Integrity - capture 1
Power Integrity testing: Introduction

The quality of the power supply is a key factor in the performance of sensitive electronic circuits. R&S® oscilloscopes and power rail probes make accurate measurements of very small power rail disturbances possible.

Power integrity
Power Integrity testing: 5 tips for more precise measurements

The quality of the power supply is a key factor in the performance of sensitive electronic circuits. R&S® oscilloscopes and power rail probes make accurate measurements of very small power rail disturbances possible.

Power Delivery Test related solutions

Impedance measurements for power delivery networks

The R&S®ZNL is ideal for measuring a wide range of impedances with the lowest uncertainty. Impedances of power delivery networks (PDN) can accurately be measured down to the milliohm and sub-milliohm ranges..

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Verifying power sequencing for FPGAs, CPUs and DSPs

The numerous supply voltages of FPGAs, CPUs and DSPs need to be powered-up in a specific order to ensure reliable operation. It is crucial to verify this power sequencing during circuit design and product development.

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Power supply rejection ratio measurement (PSRR)

PSRR is an important parameter of voltage regulators. It can be measured by applying a sinusoidal ripple to the supply voltage and measuring the gain from the input to the output of the regulator.

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