Digital television and audio broadcasting transmission technology

Short designation: TR212-21E Broadcast and Media


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With the exception of broadband cable television, there has been a complete shift to digital TV transmission since the shutdown of analog satellite TV on April 30, 2012. In the terrestrial range, this shift took place already several years ago. With the introduction of DAB it also became clear that the shift from analog to digital for audio broadcasting is inevitable, even though it is happening at a slower pace and with a long simulcasting phase. Both digital television and digital audio broadcasting began in the mid-1990s. The demand for improved picture quality is still increasing, due especially to the growing popularity of flat screen TV sets. This demand was met by airing many new HDTV channels as transponder capacity became available after the analog shutdown.

This seminar offers an introduction to the digital television and digital audio broadcasting transmission technologies. We recommend that participants take the MPEG seminar TR212-9 first, but it is not a prerequisite for this course. Baseband signal conditioning is not the topic of this seminar.


  • Short introduction to the history of audio broadcasting and television
  • Summary of MPEG standards, baseband signals
  • Summary of digital television and audio broadcasting standards
  • Transmission of information - picture, audio, data
  • Digital single-carrier and multicarrier modulation
  • Error protection
  • Channel characteristics, channel capacity
  • Digital video broadcasting - first-generation standards
  • DVB-C, -S, -T
  • Digital video broadcasting - second-generation standards
  • DVB-S2, -T2, -C2
  • ATSC
  • ISDB-T
  • DAB
  • Additional standards
  • Test and measurement
  • Practical demonstrations

Target Group

  • This seminar gives engineers and technicians an introduction to digital television and audio broadcasting standards.
  • Duration: 3 days

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TR212-21E: Digital television and audio broadcasting transmission technology: (on request)
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