From analog to digital television - TV yesterday and today

Short designation: TR212-22E Broadcast and Media


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The deep technical details of analog and digital television are not necessarily the most vital information. Sometimes the interdependences and the history of their development are what's truly important. And sometimes, for managers or team leaders, it is important just to know the terminology so they can manage working groups or gain basic insight into the subject of television technology.

This seminar is not designed to deliver in-depth technical knowledge, but to provide an overview of the development history of analog and digital television and the terminology. The structure and design of television transmission networks from the studio to the viewer are explained on the basis of easy-to-understand examples.


  • The origins of television - Nipkow disk
  • Breakdown and processing of a picture for transmission
  • Camera tube and picture tube
  • Terminology: picture, frame, field, line, interlacing, progressive
  • Black and white television
  • Color television
  • Failed renewal attempts - D2MAC and PALplus
  • MPEG - Moving Pictures Expert Group
  • DVB - digital video broadcasting
  • DVB-S, -C, -T, -S2, -T2, -C2
  • SDTV and HDTV
  • Structure of television transmission networks
  • Design of transmitter sites
  • Additional standards
  • Practical demonstrations and examples

Target Group

  • This seminar was designed for managers, team leaders, technicians and engineers who would like to get some basic insight into television technology. The curriculum also could be called "An introduction for decision makers".
  • Duration: 1 day

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TR212-22E: From analog to digital television - TV yesterday and today: (on request.)
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