Special Applications of Network Analysers: Calibration and measurements of time domain (TDR)

Short designation: TR122-5E RF Measurements


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The analysis of the control parameter in the time domain has the advantage of having an intuitive insight into the behaviour of the component. This will enable the user to separate between different reflection at different distances from the measurement plane.

To enhance the measurements accuracy the seminar provides the fundamental calibration methods of modern network analysers. In the practical exercises different calibration procedures will be analysed and typical measurement categories of symmetrical networks defined.

The focus of the seminar lies on the practical implementation, to apply different calibration methods, as well as quick, precise and effective measurements of the time domain with a minimal implementation of measurement devices.

This seminar builds upon the introductory seminar for network analysers and will be carried out as a combined theory-practice seminar.


  • Calibration procedures and their uses
    • Measurement errors
    • Normalization, One-path-Two-Port
  • Full One Port Calibration (OSM), Full Two Port Calibration (TOSM)
    • Definition of calibration standards
    • Special calibration routines (TRM, TRL, TNA)
    • Wave Guide Calibration
  • Practical exercises
  • Measurement in Time Domain
    • Determination of the unique range or unambiguity range
    • Separation of spatially distributed reflection positions
    • Gating in the time domain
    • Practical exercises

Target Group

  • Engineers from development, completion and quality control with prior knowledge of network analysers, as gained in course TR 122-1.
  • Duration: 1 day

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TR122-5E: Special Applications of Network Analysers: Calibration and measurements of time domain (TDR): (on request.)
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