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Hollywood cinema, TV and streaming – the R&S®CLIPSTER mastering system from Rohde & Schwarz is used wherever top-class films and series are made.

We sympathize with the likable couple as they finally embrace after 20 years of separation. We shed a tear for the brave soldier who falls in the final battle. We hold our breath while the dashing British agent disarms the bomb at the last second. And suddenly our bag of popcorn is empty.

Blockbusters transport us from our cinema seats or living-room sofas to fascinating worlds by combining spectacle, opulent stories and characters with high-performance technology.

Committed to a commom mission: maximum performance

A mission. From vision to version

With this sort of premium content, technology is critical for everyone between script and screen – not just the screenwriters, directors and actors.

Especially the operators in postproduction and distribution have to manage terabytes of complex data while working under severe time pressure. They put the final touches on films and series, so that 105 million cinemagoers per year in Germany and 150 million streaming service subscribers per month in the USA can immerse themselves in other worlds.

Premiere dates: once announced, every second counts

Because every second counts

In order for a film to become a blockbuster or a series to become a contender for a Golden Globe award, speed is essential – especially in the last link of the production chain.

Premiere dates are set well in advance. Marketing campaigns are in full swing while postproduction staff are putting the finishing touches on films and series, using color grading to create the desired artistic look. Extensive mastering and versioning is then required before the material can be distributed worldwide. In these final steps, which add a layer of polish to films and series, mistakes can cost time and have serious consequences for the business.

German engineering: the gold standard in postproduction

German engineering: the gold standard in postproduction

R&S®CLIPSTER from Rohde & Schwarz, the workstation for mastering digital film packages, ensures the required quality and speed in production.

R&S®CLIPSTER helps convert films and series into countless combinations of resolution, frame rate, aspect ratio, language version and regional version. This is the only way to optimize them for all devices and media and meet the different requirements of film distributors and streaming services. These versions are bundled in digital packages to ensure distributors receive exactly what they need.

Digital Cinema Packages with R&S®CLIPSTER

Digital Cinema Packages with R&S®CLIPSTER

The international standard format Digital Cinema Package (DCP) contains all the image and audio tracks, subtitles and metadata necessary for the projection of a specific version.

Regardless of the application, 20, 100 or even 250 different secondary versions are created in addition to the master version of a film or series – without requiring the same number of full versions. It is the only way to implement the productions within the tight timeframe.

R&S®CLIPSTER generates unusually high-quality, high-precision DCP masters and supports all required formats. That's another reason why it is regarded as the gold standard in the film industry, a fact confirmed by the Engineering Excellence Award that R&S®CLIPSTER received from the Hollywood Post Alliance.

Netflix relies on R&S®CLIPSTER

Netflix relies on R&S®CLIPSTER

With over 148 million subscribers, Netflix is a heavyweight in streaming services. Series such as House of Cards, Narcos and Chef's Table tempt viewers to binge watch.

Netflix does not produce this amount of videos by itself. It contracts other production companies as well. These companies must be certified as partners and deliver their films and series in interoperable master format (IMF). The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers has pushed the standard, relying on close collaboration with Rohde & Schwarz in the process.

R&S®CLIPSTER was the first commercial product to support the new standard – one of the main reasons why R&S®CLIPSTER is certified by Netflix and recommended to partners.

Next generation film and series experiences

Next generation film and series experiences

Razor-sharp images with palpable, bass-rich surround sound: Just a few years ago, smooth, judder-free streaming was the ultimate experience, but now the entire market demands extremely high image and audio resolution, multilingual versions and zero load time. In addition, new image and audio formats are wooing the market, and they all have to be technically implemented.

American pioneering spirit and a healthy dose of sporting ambition worthy of a Hollywood saga are also driving innovation. Peter Jackson made waves with a frame rate of 48 fps for The Hobbit. James Cameron hopes to produce his second Avatar film with 60 fps. And Gemini Man, a blockbuster with 120 fps 3D, will hit the cinemas in the fall of 2019.


The number one choice for customers

In the "higher, faster and further" film industry, R&S®CLIPSTER remains the preferred choice for postproduction studios.

It enables them to keep pace with the evolution of image and audio.
The workstation is so popular worldwide that clipstering is used as a synonym for mastering. And probably also because it adheres to the film industry adage "Coming soon is not an option."

R&S®CLIPSTER: Making its mark on modern film

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Mission-critical mastering with R&S®CLIPSTER

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Digitizing cultural assets with R&S®CLIPSTER

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R&S®CLIPSTER mastering solution puts the sparkle into world premieres

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Pinewood Studios in London relies on Rohde & Schwarz products

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