1MA250: Miracast Codec Timing

This application note describes the configuration of a Miracast wireless video transmission system and how to measure the delay times between a smart phone or tablet (source) and a television / monitor (sink) display. The accompanying software for Windows 7/8/10, Mac OS X 10.x and MATLAB additionally allows to measure the delay until the video signal is transmitted over the air and optionally until it is available on the HDMI cable of an external Miracast receiver.

Name Type Language Version Date Size
1MA250_2e_MiracastCodecTiming.pdf Application Note English 2e 01.10.2015 839 kB
MiracastCodecTiming32_102.exe Application Note File English 1.0.2 30.09.2015 11 MB
MiracastCodecTiming64_102.exe Application Note File English 1.0.2 30.09.2015 13 MB
MiracastCodecTimingMc_102.dmg Application Note File English 1.0.2 30.09.2015 23 MB
MiracastCodecTiming_101_Matlab.zip Application Note File English 1.0.1 27.05.2015 23 kB
Cut_NoiseColorCW720p1_5sek.asf Application Note File English 1.0.0 07.05.2015 6 MB
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