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  • Key Code for all AMIQKxx Options

    How to enter the key code for all AMIQKxx optionsPlease connect WinIQSIM and AMIQ using the correct GPIB connection (harmonized address).1.)In the ARB | Select Target ARB menu, you select the AMIQ.2.)In the ARB | Remote Control menu, you will find theOption Selection field and the Key Code box in the Install AMIQ Option field (see below). View attached screen shotsPlease keep in mind that you need

  • Transfer waveform data file using GPIB commands only

    How can I transfer a waveform data file to AMIQ using GPIB commands only?I'm not able to transfer waveform data from a waveform file to AMIQ withGPIB commands like:MMEMory:DATA <destination>, <binary block data>.The solution is this short BASIC program. The transfer to AMIQ is performed in line 210. See attached text file. Name Last Modified SizeAMIQ_FAQ.txt Jan 7, 2013 6 kB

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