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  • Remote Control: How to read out the Frequencies of a Transducer Set.

    No matter which set I select - with the following script, I always get the readout of the set I manually edited. TRANSDUCER:SET 1 TRANSDUCER:SET:RANGES:SELECT 1 TRANSDUCER:SET:RANGES:START? The return value should be the Start value of Range 1 of Set 1, but when I edit Set 2 I get the Start value of Range 1 of Set 2.Selecting a range opens the edit mode of the transducer, which produceswrong values

  • How can I get a new ES-K1 Option Disk?

    I lost my ES-K1 option disk. How can I get a new one?With ES-K1 versions 1.50, 1.60 and 1.71, you yourself can very easily create a new option disk.Please proceed as follows:1.) Start theWindows Explorer.2.) Open the installation path of your ES-K1.3.) Open the folder EXECUTE.4.) This folder contains the file OPT_DISK.BAT. Execute this file.5.) Insert a formatted floppy disk into the disk drive and

  • Raima Database Manager Error

    What can I do if I get a Raima Database Manager Error with ES-K1?First of all, make sure that the ES-K1 installation path is not longer than 20 characters.If you find that your path is too long, then you can try to move the folder<ES-K1 installation path>\DATA\to another path that is shorter, e.g.c:\ES-K1\DATA\If you do this, then you also have to enter the new path in ES-K1:Open the file<ES-K1 installation

  • The Software does not find the GPIB0

    The software does not find the GPIB0. The error message is as follows: HDI Interface GPIB0 not available Device Handler ESS is changed into virtual mode. We use a NI USB-IEEE488 interface, and in the measurement and automation program from NI we can see the interface as GPIB0. Other devices that use other software work ok.The 16 bit NI driver is not installed correctly.Please find attached a packed

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