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  • Loading an S-parameter file from a PC into a memory trace

    I have an S-parameter file on my PC and want to load it into a memory trace of my network analyzer.How can I do this via remote control?You need the attached program written in VisualBasicApplication under EXCEL.If you have an NI-VISA driver installed and a GPIB or TCP/IP connection to the network analyzer, you can run the program yourself.The program searches for the TEST.S1P file in 'C:\Work\'The

  • Sending a Remote Control Ccommand Internally

    I need to send a remote control command to the device, but I do not have a PC available to control the device.Can I do this internally with the device itself?Yes, Go to the device's Windows function Open the Windows Explorer Open the C:\Program Files\Rohde&Schwarz\Network Analyzer\Bin folder Execute the iecwin32.exe program Choose the RSIB interface and push the Connect Now button Now you can write

  • More Battery Capacity Required

    If more battery capacity for mobile operation is required, is there a solution?If the normal capacity of the R&S®FSL-B31 NiMH battery pack (1300.6408.02) is not sufficient,the Li-ion battery pack for the R&S®ETL can be used as an alternative.Product designation: R&S®ETL-B235 10 Ah Li-ion battery pack with battery charger (2112.0262.02)with a battery capacity of 10 Ah.The Li-ion battery pack will be

  • Login Password for ZVA

    What is the login password for the ZVA, ZVL and FSL ?For the ZVA: user name: instrument, password: instrumentFor the ZVL and FSL: user name: 123456, password: instrument

  • FSL Remote Control: SCPI Commands are not accepted

    I have verified the SCPI command by means of the manual - it is definitely correct. But I get an error back and the command is not performed. What is the reason?Possible reason:This problem may occur if you "copy and paste" the command from the PDF document. In this case, some kind of "control characters" is inserted into the command, and these characters are not accepted. Unfortunately, you can only

  • ZVL with ZVL-K1 instead of FSL in Remote Control mode

    How can a ZVL with ZVL-K1 option be used instead of an FSL in Remote Control mode sothat a control program such as EMC32 will not recognize this?At the start of a program the Remote Control program checks all activated instruments for their status.This check is started by the *IDN? query.If instead of an FSL a ZVL with the ZVL-K1 spectrum analyzer function is used in the system, the response to the

  • Recall of user's own calibration kits and connectors via remote

    I have created my own connector type and calibration kit. But it is not possible to select it with remote commands.The command “SENS1:CORR:CKIT:<own connector>:SEL 'own connector CalKit' is not accepted.If I select it manually, there is no problem.The above-mentioned command only works for predefined connectors, e.g. N50 or PC35.If any other connector types are created by the user, the following command

  • ZVL time domain measurement, impedance over cable length

    I want to measure the impedance over the compete cable lenght with my ZVL.After my first try it is possible to switch to the time domain measurement showing impedance, but I'm not able to change the display to the desired lenght.Also I do not see the correct course of impedance. The ZVL just displays the peaks e.g. at the coupling joints. On the open end I see a big peak, but then again 50 ohms - this

  • Which settings should I use for the Transform Time Domain mode?

    I have a cable of around 120 m with a velocity factor of 0.7 and a ZVL3.The length of the cable should be measured.Which settings should I use?When using the ZVL you can measure the length of a cable in the Transform Time Domain mode.You can make different settings for the Transform Time Domain mode which will have an influence- on the resolution of the length measurement and- on the distance you can

  • How to store a Touchstone file

    I want to store a Touchstone file. How can I do this?Use the following menu items to store Touchstone files:Trace - More - Import/Export Data - Export DataYou can select between S1P and S2P file format.Important: The necessary measurements must be active on the screen.If, for example, you select S1P, an S11 or S22 measurement must be activated. If you select S2P, the measurements S11, S21, S12 and

  • Firmware update without running analyzer application

    My analyzer application is no longer running.How can I update the firmware without a running analyzer application?You can update the firmware with the FSLUpdateTool (FWUpdateTool in ETL) Windows program.This program can be found under :Start - Programs - AccessoriesSimply unzip the firmware file to a USB stick, connect the stick to the analyzer, start the program and follow the instructions.

  • GPIB sequence for performing the "normalization" calibration method

    I am looking for a GPIB sequence for performing the "normalization" calibration method with the R&S ZVL at port 1. Forcalibration I want to use the SHORT from the R&S ZV-Z121 calibration kit. The calibration kit is already available on the R&S ZVL:I need to include the calibration in a measurement automation program. Do you have an example?Yes, it is possible to perform this measurement with GPIB commands

  • How can I Switch from Remote to Local State via Remote Control?

    How can I switch from remote to local state via remote control?Using a GPIB connection, you can send a Go To Local (GTL) command.If you use VISA, the command is viGpibControlREN and you have to send the VI_GPIB_REN_DEASSERT_GTLmode.You can also use this solution when you perform programming with drivers.If you use the GPIB driver, you need the GTL command.

  • Remote desktop: How to show the front panel buttons?

    We have a Rohde & Schwarz spectrum analyzer connected to our LAN, using the Remote desktop.The front panel (where AMPT, SPAN, BW and other parameters could beaccessed) is not available. How to show it?To switch on the front panel buttons on the FSL remote desktop, please push the F6 button on your keyboard.This activates a front panel emulation in the FSL, which then shows a front panel with all hardkeys

  • Most accurate way to measure the length of a cable with a VNA

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