Automotive domain controllers and high-performance ECUs

Automotive domain controllers and high-performance ECUs

Efficient testing during domain controller and ECU development

Ensuring seamless communications within vehicles with leading-edge testing equipment

One of the biggest challenges within the automotive industry is the development of automotive domain controllers and high-performance ECUs that are reliable, robust and able to handle huge amounts of critical data efficiently. It is essential that they communicate synchronously with various components within the vehicle such as sensors, actuators, ECUs and gateways using different communication protocols within the same unit – a demanding task for any engineer.

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Domain controllers for modern vehicle zonal architecture

Developments in advanced driver-assistance systems are creating a new approach to in-vehicle network (IVN) architecture design. With today’s vehicles using at least a hundred ECUs, the current network architecture has reached its limits and the automotive industry is now focusing on a domain or zonal controller architecture to simplify network design and maximize performance. A domain controller can potentially replace the functions of many ECUs, providing capabilities for high-speed communications, sensor fusion and decision-making, as well as supporting high speed interfaces for cameras, radar, and LiDAR.

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Dr. Nik Dimitrakopoulos, Market Segment Manager Automotive, Rohde & Schwarz

"Domain and zonal controllers are increasingly important to simplify in-vehicle network architecture and enable the complex and demanding communications needed for ADAS. However, their faster speed, higher processing power and lower latencies present new test challenges for automotive engineers. Our test tools and expertise enable you to accelerate domain controller development."

Dr. Nik Dimitrakopoulos, Market Segment Manager Automotive at Rohde & Schwarz

Domain controllers for modern vehicle zonal architecture
Domain controllers for modern vehicle zonal architecture
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Domain controller and ECU testing

Your work requires you to perform efficient and repeatable test of compatibility, performance and signal integrity for high-speed digital interfaces while also verifying EMI of circuit boards, thereby ensuring seamless communications throughout the vehicle. The specific tests include:

  • High-speed serial interface debugging
  • Accurate measurements of signal integrity
  • Power integrity measurements
  • Testing and debugging of in-vehicle signals
  • Performance measurements by trigger and decode of timings
  • TDR/TDT impedance and micro reflection measurements

All of these tasks can be achieved with a single test setup based on the R&S®RTP oscilloscope (complemented by a network analyzer and power supply).

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"The Marvell 88Q6113 extends our multi-gigabit leadership, with interfaces delivering high-bandwidth to connected controllers and sensors. We are proud to partner with Rohde & Schwarz to complete compliance testing and deliver reliable, high quality solutions in this unique, emerging market."

Tim Lau, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Automotive Business Unit at Marvell Semiconductor

Application videos: Testing automotive domain controllers, CPUs and beyond

Application video: Eye diagram analysis of the PCIe Gen 3 CPU interface

Application video: Eye diagram analysis of the PCIe Gen 3 CPU interface

In-depth analysis of an eye diagram of the high-performance CPU PCIe Gen 3 interface.

Application video: Advanced CPU jitter analysis

Application video: Advanced CPU jitter analysis

Learn the latest test techniques for advanced jitter analysis of a CPU high-speed digital interface.

1000BASE-T1 automotive Ethernet compliance testing

Application video: 1000BASE-T1 automotive Ethernet compliance testing

Learn more about the test techniques for 1000BASE-T1 compliance testing on a domain controller.

Webinar: Domain controllers and CPUs

Webinar: Automotive domain controllers and high-performance CPUs test and debugging

Learn about testing and debugging of automotive domain controllers/high-performance CPUs on their in-vehicle network interfaces, their performance and interoperability.

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