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Ravensbourne University London and Rohde & Schwarz team up to broadcast The Degree Show over London’s airwaves

Ravensbourne University graduates’ academic year reaches its zenith this week with the production of The Degree Show, which is broadcast to parts of Greater London under special DVB licence with the support of transmission equipment provided by Rohde & Schwarz.

Throughout the event, Ravensbourne University is using Rohde & Schwarz equipment as the final link in its DVB transmission.
Throughout the event, Ravensbourne University is using Rohde & Schwarz equipment as the final link in its DVB transmission.

Thanks to support from Rohde & Schwarz, Ravensbourne University London graduates are today engaged with one of their first live digital broadcasts. Over the coming three days, the students will produce, edit and then transmit The Degree Show to viewers in the North Greenwich area of London. Following an approach by the University, Rohde & Schwarz has provided its R&S TLU9-1HU GapFiller transmitter and an HK033 Omnidirectional Transmitter Antenna to facilitate the live TV transmissions.

Introduced earlier this year at NAB, this represents one of the first public showcases of the R&S TLU9 GapFiller transmitter in Europe. As well as providing the equipment, Rohde & Schwarz is supporting the event with technical and operational specialists, providing the students with an insight into the company’s transmission business operations.

Over recent years, The Degree Show has developed to become a high-profile showcase for all courses within Ravensbourne University. Graduates have the opportunity to exhibit and discuss their projects and achievements with many visitors over three days. This student led event includes live and pre-recorded media from all courses within the department of production.

To facilitate this event, level 5 (2nd year) broadcast technology students set up additional studio, outside broadcast, indoor flyaway and transmission systems that ultimately feed local distribution, online streams and a specifically Ofcom-licenced DVB-T2 freeview channel broadcasting to the North Greenwich area of London, and surrounding areas.

Throughout the event, the university is using Rohde & Schwarz equipment as the final link in its DVB transmission: a R&S TLU9-1HU GapFiller transmitter (installed in its OB vehicle) and an HK033 Omnidirectional Transmitter Antenna (installed on the roof). The HD-SDI transmission feed is provided by the University‘s Grass Valley Stratus playout system. This TX output is then encoded and multiplexed by Appear TV XC Series equipment, which has loaned by Techex UK.

„In the build-up to The Degree Show 2017 we contacted Rohde & Schwarz to see if it could help with any DVB-related transmission equipment,“ explained Tim Sampson, Associate Senior Lecturer, Broadcast Technology, Ravensbourne University London. „As broadcast engineers, my colleagues and I knew of Rohde & Schwarz‘s reputation for quality equipment within the broadcast engineering world. This has already been a huge learning experience for our broadcast technology students. We are very grateful.“

For Rohde & Schwarz, the opportunity to support learning at Europe’s premier broadcast technology teaching establishment is valuable. „When Tim and his team first contacted us with their request it was an easy decision to make,“ explained Phil McCluskey, University Business Development Engineer at Rohde & Schwarz. „Our industry depends on a steady stream of talented young people and this is where Ravensbourne University excels. This year, we have provided our latest state-of-the-art gap filler transmitter and it is fascinating to see how the students have embraced it.“

„Since last year, we have had many meetings and discussions with Rohde & Schwarz with a view to providing seminars and workshops about many of the disciplines within which Rohde & Schwarz operates,“ continued Tim Sampson. „This is a relationship which works well for us and we value greatly.“

R&S TLU9 GapFiller Transmitter

The new R&S TLU9 GapFiller from Rohde & Schwarz heralds a new era in gap filler technology. Conventional gap fillers are increasingly unable to meet the needs and requirements of network operators. The R&S TLU9 GapFiller, on the other hand, scores top marks for outstanding signal quality in every situation, strong performance even with Doppler echoes, and uninterrupted transmission for maximum reliability. It dramatically reduces maintenance effort and associated operating costs for network operators.

Extreme weather conditions and infrastructure changes such as new rail lines, power masts and wind turbines change the echo situation and thus disrupt the transmit operation of gap filler networks. Current gap fillers are not able to independently respond to these changes and they are also complex to configure. The new R&S smartEC key technology from Rohde & Schwarz remedies these shortcomings. It enables the gap filler to automatically adapt in real time to complex and varying echo scenarios. That eliminates interference effects and maximizes signal quality. Even strong adjacent channels are no challenge for the R&S TLU9 GapFiller. Regular station visits to adjust echo suppression parameters are a thing of the past. It also offers many self-configuration capabilities. For gap filler network operators, the R&S TLU9 GapFiller provides a combination of superior signal quality, maximum reliability and minimum operating costs.

The gap filler delivers the same performance as a low-power transmitter. Its high energy efficiency reduces power costs up to 25 percent. It is suitable for MFN and SFN applications and can be deployed in DVB-T/H, DVB-T2 and ISDB-TB networks in the UHF band from 470 MHz 790 MHz. The R&S TLU9 GapFiller is already shipping. It adds gap filler and transposer rebroadcasting functionality to the R&S TLU9 low-power transmitter family.

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