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Teisnach plant is “Factory of the Year 2014”

The German business newspaper “Produktion”, in cooperation with the consulting firm A.T. Kearney, selected the Teisnach plant as “Factory of the Year 2014” in the category “Excellence in Control of Manufacturing Depth”. The jury already recognized the site in 2010 in the category “Excellence in Small Series Production”. The jury was very impressed by the continuous growth in the Teisnach plant in the areas of sales, products, employees, technology and space utilization. In addition, the exceptional control of manufacturing depth, with outstanding achievements in the areas of printed boards, precision mechanical engineering, sheet-metal work, electroplating, assembly and quality assurance, gave the plant a clear edge over the competition. The Rohde & Schwarz plant also scored points with short turnaround times in its drive toward becoming a five-day factory. The “Factory of the Year” prize has been awarded since 1992. The contest is considered the toughest and most tradition-rich benchmark for manufacturers in Germany.

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