1GA47: Calibrating Measuring Microphones and Sound Sources for Acoustic Measurements with Audio Analyzer R&S®UPV

This application note explains how to use acoustic calibrations in order to be able to enter or read sound pressure level directly in the Audio Analyzer R&S® UPV. An application program is described which performs the necessary measurements for the calibration of microphones and loudspeakers, manages the calibration values and enters them into any appropriate user defined setup.

Name Type Language Version Date Size
1GA47_0E.pdf Application Note English 1.0 28.02.2007 887 kB
1GA47_Installer.zip Application Note File English 1.1 28.02.2007 23 MB
1GA47_Project2003.zip Application Note File English 1.1 28.02.2007 399 kB
1GA47_Project2005.zip Application Note File English 1.1 05.03.2008 430 kB
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