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What is the correct pin layout of the DC inputs on the network analyzer's rear panel?


There are two DC input connectors on the rear of the network analyzer.

  • How is the pin-out of these connectors?
  • What type of connector is necessary for plug-in?


The DC inputs make it possible to measure and display DC voltages or the power added efficiency (PAE)* of an

active two-port DUT. One connector can handle voltages from –1 V to +1 V, and the other from –10 V to +10 V. Pin number Name Direction Function

3 GNDA Ground Analog ground

5 GNDA Ground Analog ground


DCMEAS10VPOS Input Positive 1 V or 10 V DC input (see data sheet)


DCMEAS10VNEG Input Negative 1 V or 10 V DC input

(see data sheet)

Please see the picture below for the exact pin layout.

The necessary connector type is a "4-pin mini DIN, male" connector.