R&S®PRISMON multiviewer solutions

IP-baseband multiviewer for critical live signals in studio, production and playout environments

R&S®PRISMON Multiviewer Solutions
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R&S®PRISMON Multiviewer Solutions
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R&S®PRISMON Multiviewer Solutions
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R&S®PRISMON Multiviewer Solutions
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R&S®PRISMON Multiviewer Solutions R&S®PRISMON Multiviewer Solutions R&S®PRISMON Multiviewer Solutions R&S®PRISMON Multiviewer Solutions

Key facts

  • UHD multiviewer w/ industry-leading low latency for SMPTE 2110/AMWA NMOS-based studio/production/playout environments
  • Multi-stream output of video mosaics (SMPTE 2022-1/2, 2022-6/7, 2110-20/21)
  • Integration to production control via IP-based tally and UMD
  • Ease of use w/ flexible mosaic layouts and built-in editor
  • Future-proof software-defined solution ready for the cloud

R&S®PRISMON multiviewer solutions

The next generation of IP-baseband multiviewer solutions

R&S®PRISMON multiviewers are built for critical live stream production and real time applications where human viewing and monitoring requires quality, low latency and operational flexibility.  Software based over COTS hardware our multiviewers offer industry leading low latency, highly flexible deployment models and UHD performance.

Features & benefits

R&S®PRISMON software multiviewer for IP environments

Targetting software and IP environments

Multiviewer for production and live signal environments using pure software supporting SMPTE 2110/AMWA NMOS suite of protocols for inputs and outputs.

R&S®PRISMON supports up to UHD

Up to UHD quality

Support for audio/video media content up to UHD resolution. Monitoring of all relevant classical video formats and standards, and also modern mezzanine formats.

R&S®PRISMON industry leading low latency

Industry leading low latency

Fully software-defined, highly optimised to meet production demands for performance and latency.

R&S®PRISMON easy layout changes

Easy layout changes

Built in layout editor is simple and fast to learn and use for operators and supervisors.

R&S®PRISMON production integration

Production integration

Live production environments are fast and dynamic. To support this R&S®PRISMON Multiviewer Solutions support TSL tally and UMD protocol over IP.

R&S®PRISMON versatility


Also offers the feature set of R&S®PRISMON monitoring for inclusion of OTT and other stream types for Master Control and other delivery based environments.

R&S®PRISMON cost effective

Cost effective

Multiviewing and monitoring for production and delivery within one product family allows commonality of support, training and platforms.

R&S®PRISMON future proof

Future proof

Software defined solution architecture to make the system future-proof in a world of ever growing and fast moving standards for media transport and formats.

Related products

R&S®PRISMON monitoring solutions

Deployed as an audio/video monitoring tool, R&S®PRISMON is one of the most advanced and versatile solutions on the market. R&S®PRISMON is the tool of choice to keep your content quality at the highest level.

Product information


Designed for cloud-based analysis of media streams delivered OTT to consumers, R&S®PRISMON.cloud expands the view of professional media companies outside their own premises.

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The redesigned R&S®VENICE incorporates Rohde & Schwarz’s decades of experience in the broadcast & media industry, our customer feedback and the latest IP technologies. R&S VENICE can be flexibly adapted to your requirements thanks to its software architecture and scalability.

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The R&S®SpycerNode media storage brings HPC technologies to the media and entertainment market segment. It offers an easy-to-use interface, a HPC file system, market-leading erasure coding mechanisms and many more functions, allowing you to focus on your creative work.

Product information

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