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  • R&S®SFU Broadcast Test System

    R&S®SFU Broadcast Test SystemThe multistandard reference signal generator for broadcasting and mobile TV This is a discontinued product Please note the following successor product(s):R&S®BTC Broadcast Test CenterOverview OptionsKey Facts All-in-one compact solution Multistandard reference signal generator Realtime TV and audio broadcasting signal generation Key FactsAll-in-one compact

  • Wireless Communications Testers & Systems - Test & Measurement

    Wireless Communications Testers & SystemsWireless device testers, infrastructure testers, protocol testers, conformance and preconformance testers and systems.To keep the backbone of mobile communications running, powerful mobile networks and mobile devices are needed.Rohde & Schwarz offers a full portfolio of wireless communication testers and systems for the complex measurements involved. The

  • Verification & Conformance Testing

    Verification & Conformance TestingBuilding on its many years of experience in wireless communications test and measurement, Rohde & Schwarz can offer a complete portfolio of sophisticated solutions for the approval process of wireless devices. Solutions from Rohde & Schwarz reliably cover the test requirements of all conventional standardization, regulatory and certification bodies, as well as

  • R&S®SFU Broadcast Test System - Specifications

    English (PD 0758.1658.22)

  • R&S®SFU - Overview of options

    R&S®SFU - Overview of options Brochures and Data Sheets Product Brochure R&S®SFU options ¸SFU-K60 BER measurements ¸SFU-B2 coder extension ¸SFU-K170 AM/FM RDS coder ¸SFU-K13 DVB-SH coder ¸SFU-K3 DVB-S/DSNG coder ¸SFU-K2 DVB-C/ISDB-C coder ¸SFU-K1 DVB-T/H coder ¸SFU-K14 ATSC/A-VSB coder ¸SFU-K4 ATSC/8VSB coder ¸SFU-K6 ISDB-T/T B/T SBcoder ¸SFU-K17 DVB-C2 coder ¸SFU-K190 ATV B/G coder incl.

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  • R&S®SFU Broadcast Test System - Product Brochure
  • Firmware for R&S®SFU Broadcast Test System

    Please follow exactly the instruction in this file.V 2.9228.03.2018346 kB R&S®SFU100 Open Source Acknowledgment 0128.03.2018695 kB R&S®SFU Broadcast Test System Installation Instructions for Options Requirements ● The latest firmware version (2110.2639.00) must be installed on your R&S SFU. If you need to update your firmware, follow the instructions in the release notes. ● For information on

  • Drivers for R&S®SFU Broadcast Test System

    Development Hints and Best Practices for Using Instrument Drivers LabWindows/CVI, VXIpnp driver history for the R&S® SFU Broadcast Test System Driver Documentation Products: | R&S  SFU | R&S SFC (compatible functionality) | R&S BTC (compatible functionality) Driver history for LabWindows/CVI and VXIplug&play Instrument Driver for C/C++, VEE, etc. Miloslav Macko September 25, 2015 Table of Contents

  • Seamless Level Setting on the R&S®SFU

    The Rohde & Schwarz SFU supports several modes of level setting. This Application Note describes the differences between these modes and especially describes a method to achieve a seamless transition without any impact to the output signal during a change of settings on an Rohde & Schwarz SFU (Firmware version > 1.30).

  • Correlated Receiver Diversity Simulations with R&S®SFU

    Receiver diversity improves reception quality by using multiple antennas with a preferably low correlation factor between each other. This results in a more robust handling of multipath signals, since a deep fade will then not affect all received signals at the same time. However, the compact dimensions of handheld devices can introduce unwanted correlation due to their dense antenna spacing. In this case, the popular diversity test setup consisting of several independent transmitters will no longer serve the needs of a realistic simulation, since correlation effects have to be taken into account here. A clever solution is to operate the R&S®SFU in split-fading mode in combination with a second transmitter. This can be another R&S®SFU, the R&S®SFE, the R&S®SFE100 or the R&S®SMU200A. In this way, two diversity signals of adjustable correlation for any common broadcast standard are coded in realtime, while their individual multipath profile is precisely specified by the extensive features of the R&S®SFU fader module.

Results 1 - 10 of 226
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