Tactical Radiocommunications

Armed forces all over the world are confronted with increasingly difficult challenges. International conflicts push personnel and today’s equipment to their limits. Information superiority ensures a common operational picture, which is required to succeed in military missions.

Forces have to adapt their capabilities to handle both symmetric and asymmetric threats reasonably, quickly and efficiently.

In a symmetric scenario, the combatants are roughly equal. Usually both sides possess advanced technical solutions that allow them to proceed quickly and dynamically. Asymmetric threats arise when the opponent’s structure is unclear. Operations are often carried out against unknown forces. Usually the opponent is technically inferior. In this scenario, solutions need to be robust, dynamic and extremely flexible.

Both types of threats involve a high demand for communications between all units. Orders, position and sensor data as well as general information from different databases have to be transmitted. Advanced transmission methods are used to forward this data and information as digitized voice and as data packets.

Recent developments in mobile civil communications greatly influence today’s military communications. Modern devices such as smartphones are supported by a complex infrastructure that enables high-speed communications and access to voice and data services anywhere and anytime. To keep these networks flexible, circuit-switched fixed networks have been replaced by flexible, packetswitched, IP based networks.

Understandably, armed forces are demanding that industry provide them with comparable communications capabilities for military operations. Rohde & Schwarz, the developer of the German Armed Forces’ future joint radio system (SVFuA), presents innovative tactical radio systems that meet the requirements and challenges of today’s and tomorrow’s missions.

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Topic: Tactical Communications Solutions

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