Korea's first 4K Broadcast Network to Go on Air with Rohde & Schwarz Transmitters and T&M Equipment

The Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) has decided in favor of Rohde & Schwarz transmitters and T&M equipment. South Korea's biggest public service broadcaster operates a number of radio and TV programs, which have been broadcast in 4K quality in Seoul since April using R&S®THU9 high power transmitters. and easily realize film projects.
High power transmitter R&S®THU9 at the KBS.

The project also includes the R&S®SCV8302 low power transmitter, which delivers 600 W in DVB-T2 mode. It was installed on a tower situated on Namsan mountain, in the middle of Seoul. A 5 kW R&S®THU9 high power transmitter went into operation on Kwanak mountain (located in the south of Seoul) in May. KBS selected the R&S®ETL TV analyzer from Rohde & Schwarz for testing, and the R&S®DVM400 digital video measurement system will be used for monitoring.

Rohde & Schwarz is the world market leader for DVB T2 broadcasting and T&M equipment. This experience played a crucial role in the broadcaster's decision. Rohde & Schwarz transmitters have already proven successful for T-DMB and ATSC broadcasting in South Korea. They feature unique stability and reliability plus the advantage of the company's on site service and support.

Broadcast network operators benefit from the high energy efficiency of Rohde & Schwarz transmitters that reduces operating costs. Their compact design and high power density save rack space. R&S®THU9 transmitters offer such a wide range of possible configurations that they can fulfill almost any requirement. They are future ready as they can be upgraded at any time. The operating concept of the transmitters is based on many years of user experience.

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