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First location successes with Rohde & Schwarz radiomonitoring system in Paraguayuay

Rohde & Schwarz implemented the third phase of a nationwide radiomonitoring project for Paraguayan regulatory authority Conatel in February 2014. The authority carries out national regulatory activities in the field of frequency management and monitoring. Even during the startup and training phase, it managed to locate three pirate transmitters. Rohde & Schwarz partner Promec installed the system on site. The contract included a central office with five workstations. There are also four vehicle-based mobile units and three transportable units. The integrated R&S®ARGUS monitoring software uses the units to locate transmitters via triangulation. The units communicate with each other via UMTS / LTE and a mesh network. The system consists of digital radio direction finders, monitoring receivers, direction finding antennas and monitoring antennas from Rohde & Schwarz.

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