Cloud Data Protection Gateway

Cloud Data Protection Gateway

Real data protection for the cloud, highest security for sensitive data in the cloud & efficient export control for your data

Data protection, sensitive data and export control are more and more the IT focus topics for companies and organizations when it comes to using modern cloud solutions. Due to the increasing complexity of data protection legislation in individual countries, all players must take technical measures - in addition to organizational ones - to ensure compliance with all regulations.

Companies and organizations cannot rely solely on the promises of cloud service providers. A data center in Germany, for example, is not sufficient to fully meet data protection requirements. Only by having full control over the location and type of data storage, as well as the keys to the encrypted data, companies and organizations are well prepared for tightening data protection regulations in the future.

Protecting data in Microsoft® 365, Teams and other cloud solutions

Our Cloud Data Protection Gateway R&S®Trusted Gate takes the approach of completely decoupling data from the services of the cloud platforms. While users can continue to use their daily workflows in the cloud applications, the data is processed via R&S®Trusted Gate completely in accordance with the company's or organization's specifications. Data is encrypted invisibly for the user and stored in freely definable data stores on-premises or in any cloud.

Only empty placeholders are loaded into the cloud service in order to ensure workflows. At no time do the cloud service providers have any access to the real data.

Advantages of our Cloud Data Protection Gateway

  • GDPR-compliant use of cloud services
  • Protection of sensitive data in public clouds
  • Local data compliance for global organizations
Безопасное сотрудничество
Название продукта
Automatic data protection while working in Microsoft® 365 applications. Always in control of your data.
Transparent encryption for your documents, chats & conversations in Microsoft® Teams. Store your data where you want to.
Easy cloud deployment with full protection for your confidential data.
Protects your data while working in Microsoft® SharePoint. Always full data confidentiality.
Защищенная инфраструктура
Название продукта
Use centralized management for your collaboration platform while complying with all National restricted data regulations.
Automatic encryption on-the-fly for all internal applications.
Use the benefits of Microsoft® OneDriveTM without losing data security and control.
Защищенный обмен данными
Название продукта
Take full control of sharing data with external partners without security compromises.
Easily access confidential data on any mobile device without additional software on the mobile device.
Use the benefits of Microsoft® Outlook without losing data security and control.
Highly secure, flexible and cost effective software-based data diode.
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    R&S®Trusted Gate now also supports highly secure collaboration in Microsoft® Teams with chat encryption

    The latest version of R&S Trusted Gate by IT security expert Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity now offers chat encryption in Microsoft® Teams. This means that not only shared documents, but also chats and conversations are fully encrypted. Moreover, secure data exchange with external partners can now be started directly from Microsoft® Teams.

    R&S®Trusted Gate

    R&S®Trusted Gate

    • Data-centric security
    • Solutions for Public Clouds and Collaboration Tools
    • Infrastructure Optimization by virtual mirroring on-premises or multi-cloud

    Featured content for Cloud Data Protection Gateway

    eBook: R&S®Trusted Gate - the solution for data protection, data privacy and relgulated data in the cloud

    E-Book: R&S®Trusted Gate - Die Lösung für Datenschutz, Datensicherheit und regulierte Daten in der Cloud

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    Lega opinion: Data protection compliant use of cloud services from unsafe third countries by separating service and content

    Legal opinion: Data protection compliant use of cloud services from unsafe third countries by separating service and content

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    Executive view on R&S®Trusted Gate

    Executive view on R&S®Trusted Gate

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    Webinar: Real data protection instead of standard contractual clauses - using Microsoft® 365 & Teams in a legally compliant manner

    Webinar: Real data protection instead of standard contractual clauses - using Microsoft® 365 & Teams in a legally compliant manner

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    What data security challenges do enterprises face when using public clouds and collaboration tools?

    When enterprises use a public cloud, they place their sensitive data in the hands of strangers. The technical know-how that ensures their competitiveness is put at risk in this way. In addition, many companies are concerned that legal data security requirements speak against cloud use. In the age of Big Data, companies must store, process and make available globally large amounts of data. The use of cloud services such as Dropbox, iCloud or Google Drive is therefore no longer just a helpful addition, but indispensable. In addition, cloud technologies are the basis for innovation and enable digital progress for companies.

    What security measures are in place against data theft from the cloud?

    If enterprises take appropriate security measures, sensitive data is just as well protected in the public cloud as in internal IT systems. However, conventional security systems cannot achieve this because they only differentiate between public networks and corporate networks. This so-called perimeter security has long since ceased to be sufficient for the use of clouds.

    How does the concept of data-centric security work?

    Data-centric security is implemented with a combination of identity and access management, virtualization, encryption and file fragmentation. When a document is uploaded to the cloud, a virtualized version of the original document is created. This virtual document contains only the meta-information of the original, such as keywords, but has no content itself. The original document is simultaneously encrypted and fragmented and stored on different, freely selectable storage systems. As a result, the original document is never completely visible and is only stored in fragments - useless for hackers. This means that confidential data is unreadable and secure even if it should fall into the wrong hands. With such a data-centric solution, public clouds can be used securely without companies having to fear the loss of their data.

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