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Fig. 1: Multiport network analysis with the R&S®ZNB. Using an R&S®ZV-Z81 model .66 switch matrix provides a total of 16 test ports.
208 | General-purpose measurements

R&S®ZNB: convenient network analysis with up to 32 ports

Today’s smartphones and tablet PCs support multiple frequency bands along with functionality such as WLAN, Bluetooth® and GPS. The frontend modules delivering this functionality have numerous RF ports, and the parameters of these modules need to be fully characterized. Modules with up to eight RF ports can be characterized using the eight-port R&S®ZVT network analyzer. Scenarios involving more ports call for other solutions (the latest generation of components can have more than 20 ports). Rohde & Schwarz offers appropriate solutions in conjunction with the R&S®ZNB network analyzer.

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