1GP45: R&S®SMIQB60 Arbitrary Waveform Generator for R&S®SMIQ

The SMIQB60 option is an internal two channel arbitrary waveform generator based on the modulation coder SMIQB20. SMIQB60 uses an innovative interpolation filter technique to increase memory capacity.
Waveforms can be calculated and transmitted with the external PC-Software WinIQSIM™ and stored in the non volatile memory of SMIQ. Stored waveforms can be recalled by SMIQ without using WinIQSIM™.
The cal_iqskew software can calibrate the SMIQB60 outputs for an improved dynamic range. Please read section 6 of the Application Note for more information before you use the software.

Name Type Language Version Date Size
1gp45_1e.pdf Application Note English 1 24.09.2002 2 MB
1gp45_math_appendix.pdf Application Note File English 1 24.09.2002 65 kB
cal_iqskew.zip Application Note File English 1.0 24.09.2002 2 MB
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