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Firmware for FSG (14)

Title File Version Date
R&S®FSG Release Notes Version 4.79 SP5 (for XP) 8 MB V 4.79 SP5 26-Nov-2014
Open Source Acknowledgment 715 kB 07 06-Aug-2015
R&S®FSG Firmware Version 4.79 SP5 (for XP)


FS-K5 v 4.70 SP1

FS-K10 v 4.70 SP3

FS-K30 v 4.71 SP1

FS-K40 v 4.70 SP2

FS-K72/K73/K73+/K74/K74+ v 4.70 SP2

FS-K76/77 v 4.70 SP1

FS-K82/83 v 4.70 SP1

FS-K84/85 v 4.70 SP1

FSQ-K70 v 4.72

FSQ-K91/K91n v 4.71 SP4

FSQ-K92/K93/K94 v 4.70

FSQ-K100/K101/K104/K105 v 4.72 SP2

95 MB V 4.79 SP5 25-Nov-2013
R&S®FSG Release Notes Version 4.69 SP3 (for XP)

ZIP file incl. release notes for all applications (PDF)

5 MB V 4.69 SP3 22-Mar-2011
Open Source Acknowledgment 715 kB 07 06-Aug-2015
R&S®FSG Firmware Version 4.69 SP3 (for XP)

FS-K5 v 4.60
FS-K10 v 4.61
FS-K30 v 4.60 SP2
FS-K40 v 4.60
FS-K72/K73/K73+/K74/K74+ v 4.61
FS-K76/77 v 4.60
FS-K82/83 v 4.60 SP1
FS-K84/85 v 4.60
FSQ-K70 v 4.60
FSQ-K90/91 v 4.62 SP1
FSQ-K92/K93/K94 v 4.61
FSQ-K100/K101/K104/K105 v 4.61 SP1

89 MB V 4.69 SP3 22-Mar-2011
R&S® Release Notes LXI Class C Support V1.21 341 kB V 1.21 04-Aug-2008
R&S® LXI Class C Support V1.21

required only for base system version < 4.5x

15 MB V 1.21 04-Aug-2008
International Keyboard Support (Release Note) 356 kB V 5.0 23-Nov-2017
International Keyboard Support (Setup File) 124 kB V 1.0 28-Sep-2016
R&S®-Image Printer Driver Release Notes V 1.01 181 kB V 1.01 23-Feb-2011
R&S®-Image Printer Driver V 1.01 14 MB V 1.01 23-Feb-2011
FBW Filter Driver Installation for Spectrum Analyzers R&S®FSP, R&S®FSU, R&S®FSQ, R&S®FSG 476 kB 21-Dec-2010
R&S® Firmware Extension Installer V1.0.3

Options FS-K10, FSQ-K100, K101, K102, K104 and K105 require "Firmware Extension Installer 1.0.3" to be installed.
This installer is pre-installed on instruments shipped with version >= 4.3x

158 MB V 1.0.3 17-Jun-2009
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