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  • Technology Overview

    Technology OverviewWith the first LTE networks successfully starting commercial operation, further enhancements gain in importance to provide an evolutionary path towards a true 4G system, with LTE-Advanced. Rohde & Schwarz provides a comprehensive product portfolio for testing LTE, and already features the first signal generation and signal analysis solutions for LTE-Advanced.Search for

  • ATSC3.0 Technology

    ATSC3.0 technologyATSC 3.0 (Advanced Television Systems Committee) is a digital terrestrial broadcasting standard that has been substantially enhanced compared with the ATSC A/53 predecessor standard. ATSC 3.0 is designed to allow network operators more flexibility, greater robustness and more efficient operation. It employs state-of-the-art encoding and modulation technologies, enabling a

  • DVB-T Technology

    DVB-T TechnologyThe DVB-T standard EN 300 744 describes a baseline transmission system for digital terrestrial television broadcasting. It specifies the channel coding/modulation system intended for digital multiprogram LDTV/SDTV/EDTV/HDTV terrestrial services in 8 MHz, 7 MHz, and 6 MHz channels.The standard includes: A general description of the baseline system for digital terrestrial TV. The

  • FM Technology

    FM TechnologyVHF sound broadcasting remains one of the most popular information and entertainment media in all highly developed and densely populated regions of the world. Its widespread distribution and acceptance is due to its excellent sound quality and to its extremely cost-efficient receivers, which can be found in virtually all homes and vehicles.VHF band II (87.5 MHz to 108 MHz) is used

  • HE-AAC Technology

    HE-AAC TechnologyHigh efficiency – advanced audio coding (HE-AAC)HE-AAC is a lossy compression method for digital audio data that requires a license. HE-AAC is a next-stage development of the AAC standard and supports up to 48 channels with full bandwidth as well as additional data. HE-AAC delivers relatively good results also at low bit rates, making it especially well suited for streaming

  • PAL Products

    Products for PALFlexible, accurate and fast: Rohde & Schwarz ProductsExpand allCollapse all Broadcasting and Multimedia T&MR&S®DVSG Digital Video Signal GeneratorR&S®SFE Broadcast testerR&S®SFE100 test transmitterR&S®SFC Compact modulatorR&S®CLG Cable Load GeneratorR&S®ETL TV analyzerR&S®FSH3-TV TV Analyzer Signal & Spectrum AnalyzersR&S®BTC Broadcast Test CenterR&S®FSL Spectrum Analyzer EMC

  • STANAG 3350 Products

    Products for STANAG 3350Flexible, accurate and fast: Rohde & Schwarz ProductsBroadcasting and Multimedia T&MR&S®DVSG Digital Video Signal Generator

  • Bluetooth Products

    Products for BluetoothFlexible, accurate and fast: Rohde & Schwarz ProductsExpand allCollapse all Wireless Communications Testers & SystemsR&S®CMW PlatformR&S®CMW270 Wireless Connectivity TesterR&S®CBT/CBT32 Bluetooth® TesterR&S®TS8991 OTA Performance Test SystemR&S®TS8996 RSE Test System Signal & Spectrum AnalyzersR&S®FSMR Measuring ReceiverR&S®FSUP Signal Source AnalyzerR&S®FMU36 Baseband

  • DECT Products

    Products for DECTFlexible, accurate and fast: Rohde & Schwarz ProductsExpand allCollapse all Signal & Spectrum AnalyzersR&S®FSMR Measuring ReceiverR&S®FSUP Signal Source AnalyzerR&S®FMU36 Baseband AnalyzerR&S®FSP Spectrum AnalyzerR&S®FSL Spectrum Analyzer EMC & Field Strength Test SolutionsR&S®FSL Spectrum Analyzer Network AnalyzersR&S®ZNBT Vector Network Analyzer

  • NFC / RFID Fundamentals

    NFC / RFID FundamentalsNear Field Communication (NFC) is a set of short-range wireless connectivity technologies that are ideal for transmitting small amounts of information with minimal setup time and power consumption. NFC enables simple and safe two-way (point-to-point) interactions between electronic devices by bringing them into a distance of within typically a few millimeters. NFC

Results 1 - 10 of 115
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