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Fig. 1 R&S®GX435 comprises two main hardware components based on multicore PC server technology. The R&S®GX435PU-S signal processing and storage unit (lower component) controls the system, detects the signals, computes the digital downconverters and serves as a recording / replay unit with a storage capacity of 8 Tbyte. The R&S®GX435PU signal processing unit can classify and decode up to 24 signals in parallel.
208 | Monitoring

Automatic radiomonitoring with the R&S®GX435 signal analysis system

R&S®GX435 is a powerful, flexible, fully automatic solution for detecting, classifying and processing radiocommunications signals. It is used in multichannel monitoring systems in combination with Rohde & Schwarz monitoring receivers to process signals from the HF to the SHF range.

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