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CMW500/290/270: No more WLAN signaling function after WLAN firmware update


After LTE firmware update WLAN signaling functionality is not available anymore after an firmware update to WLAN version later than 3.7.50 was installed, although CMW500/290/270 is equipped with required licenses for WLAN signaling.

What is the reason for this issue and how can this problem be solved?


Most Probably the CMW500 is equipped with "legacy" hardware that cannot support 160 MHz bandwidth that is needed for 802.11ac and 802.11ax WLAN standards:

  • TRX40/80 CMW-B570B
  • BBMeas CMW-B100A/B100D
  • Signaling Unit CMW-B200A/B270A.

You can check this in the System / Hardware menue of the CMW500.

In case you have legay hardware and WLAN firmware installed that is only supported with the new hardware versions, you can simply do a downgrade to WLAN firmware 3.7.50 to bring back the functionality. You can find this firmware version in the GLORIS web portal, in the Mobile Radio Tester Customer Web.

If you need to test advanced features an new standards that will be supported only with newer hardware, please contact us for an upgrade offer.