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EMC32 Main Startup, application will be closed


As soon as I run EMC32, I get the error message "Application will be closed" from EMC32 Main Startup

I had a look into EMC32log.txt and this logfile is refering to a specific file.


How can I solve this issue?


Opening the logfile "EMC32log.txt" is the right thing to do. In this logfile you can find further information about the error. In this example there is a problem with the __ADMIN___ini file in the file path C:\ProgramData\EMC32\Configuration\


This file is corrupt.

The problem can easily be solved. As you know, EMC32 has a backup function ('File' => 'Backup/Restore').

EMC32 backup function

You certainly make regular backups to keep a copy of your data, as recommended. The backup is a zip file and it contains also a copy of the __ADMIN__.ini file.


Zip file contains a copy of the __ADMIN__.ini file

To fix the problem, please rename the old corrupted file 'C:\ProgramData\EMC32\Configuration\__ADMIN__.ini' to '__ADMIN__old.ini'.

Then copy the __ADMIN__.ini file from the zip archive to C:\ProgramData\EMC32\Configuration\ and make this file available for EMC32.

After that you can run EMC32 without error message.