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FPC1000 and FPC1500: "Auto Power Up on AC" does not work correct


We want to install our FPC in a rack. When the main power for the rack is switched on, the FPC should boot up.
So we have set the parameter "Auto Power Up on AC" to on. But it seems that this does not work correct.

After power on it works, but only once. After that the FPC remains off.


If you change the setting of that parameter and remove the power, it wont be stored. If you check the setting, you will see that it is still on its old value.

So after change of the setting please shut down the FPC with the button on the front panel - just once. Then the setting is stored correctly.

From now on the FPC will boot up as soon power is applied.

Another hint:
After update of the firmware please check the setting and repeat the procedure if necessary.