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HMC 804x series accessoires


Which accessoires are available for the HMC804x series PSUs?

I miss the plug for the rear panel output connectors (Terminal Block) and also could not find any information in the manual.


Except the accessoires shown in the datasheet

HZC95 (19" Rackmount Kit)

HZ72 (IEEE-488 / GPIB Intreface Bus Cable)

HZ10S / HZ10R / HZ10B (5x silcone test lead black / red / blue)

we have the following accessoires available for the HMC804x series:

HZC40 (Female multipoint connector with ejectors / 8x2 pin black, 5800.2819.02)

ERST.2 (4mm safety test lead 250mm 3593.6789.00 red / 3593.6795.00 black / 3593.6808.00 blue)